Thursday, February 01, 2007

N.Y. Court Ruling: Suicide Bombings in Israel Violate International Law



Anonymous said...


Nemo said...

What does that do for me??

Anonymous said...

Change the color back!

Avi said...

Avi is happy with the ruling;
curious about its practical implications;
excited by the options;
depressed by the other options;
confused by Anon's reaction;
surprised by Nemo's;
saddened by the color scheme;
skeptical about the new sign-off;
and...ya know, just generally bored.

the sabra said...

Sabra is excited with the ruling;
confused about its practical implications;
skeptical about the options;
saddened by the other options;
happy with Anon's reaction;
curious by Nemo's;
surprised by the color scheme;
depressed about the new sign-off;
and...ya know, just generally bored of copying answers...

anonymous threats don't frighten me.

nemo, i give u a chance to insert tone of voice.

anon #2 (really #1 but i answerin u second) so long as u don't hurt yourself....then again, you might wanna check with the NY court what ur rights are if you were hurt laughing as a result of sabra posting..i dunno, you may just get some moola outta this...

Nemo said...

Just wanted to know practical things... what's it gonna help anyone.

Chaya said...

wow,intellectual ruling!