Thursday, February 22, 2007

last night i got a phone call...

like u mighta guessed from the title, last night i got a phone call.
i was in my room, sick and tired (both sick and tired, and also sick n tired) when i got the phone call.
i was in my own world, i was annoyed with so many people, i was frustrated at my own irresponsibility, i was sad and hurt at the behavior of others, and then i got a phone call.
from the moon.
yes, my friend was calling from the moon.
im assuming she was delivering some chocolate baskets to a senior citizen home that recently moved to the moon.
but i could be wrong.
either way, she called.
i told her "give me a few minutes while i just sit here and get over the shock (..and yes, im still standing)"
i was flabbergasted
i was thrilled
and i was so bloody happy.

so we spoke
at first it was a teeny bit um maybe not really but kinda a bit eh like not exactly but sorta..awkward? (just for a bit!! cuz i had forgotten what it's like to talk on the phone to friends!) but after, woah.
woah it was good.
completely flowed.
so she asked me how i like it here, how i get along with the folk, how i like my work and my life.
and we laughed hehe when she said how she would answer people when they asked me about my life here. hehe. i do the same thing about others. "...yknow there are good things and bad things, but she's managing.."
she asked, and i answered. and it was exhilarating cuz she cared. (or you're a very good actor ;) ).
so i told her what frustrates me, and i told her what gladdens me and i told her how im trying to use these rocks bein thrown at me as stepping stools for further growth.
and we laughed so much
and then i asked her about her life, about school, about shlichus and i didn't ask about her store (gulp)
and she told me everything
and she described her advancement in frumkeit schooling (eh you know what i mean), and all about her peulos (yes i remember the chanuka pics), and she told me about money, about tutoring, about her car, about her choices.
about her future
and i was glad to be a part of her life once more
and i took her 'issues' seriously
(yknow crashin into cars as a result of laughin while drivin on the highway)
and we laughed so much
and even when we got temporarily disconnected and i called her back, we were still connected
and then we spoke about making reizi proud
and i said how far i am in tanya and she said i shouldnt say 'i only did...', i should say 'i already did... and only have... left to do'
and i loved her for that
and she told me that she had a final during chanuka but the girl who was to take over her shift in wonderland (wo)manning failed to she skipped her final, nothing to talk about.
and i loved her for that also
and i was so grateful to hashem
grateful that He sent me what i so badly needed
truth is, He always does-
send me what i need
but not always is it so clear
so obvious
and man was it obvious last night
thanks so much ad
thanks so much for calling me
i love u tons even though i never say it and it even sounds weird as im writing it now...

p.s. you didn't send me the code you promised
p.p.s. i thought u weren't linkin to ur nebach blog anymore
p.p.p.s. dash cham to ur freak of a friend (i know i know u don't have a choice, ur on the same block..)
p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. stop pushing off writing to the rebbe-it'll save u lotsa heartache and headache. ya ya i know you know.


Anonymous said...

"and even when we got disconneced, we were connected..."

classic sabra....!

happy4u said...

we know he always does but it's such a hug when y'can see it revealed!

may you and your true friends stay connected and devoted thru all the bends in the road.

Anonymous said...

wow - some friend you have ... I'm almost jealous!

p.s. I did too send you the code - check out the snow commments

p.p.s. - thought wrong?!

p.p.p.s - hey what makes you think I havent written yet? ok fine're right - I know, I know - thanks for the push...maybe another one would be good too.

p.p.p.p.s - if you blush and there's no one to see - does it count? That was gorgeous - I checked to see if you cracked the code and lo and behold a gorgeous post and about me noch - even more gorgeous!

miss you tons my dear and hey I love you too and I dont even feel weird to write it - hehe

strange that I feel that way after all you've done to me, skirt-ben yehuda, leaving me asleep on the floor of tachana, leading me to a hilltop with Rabbi Avi & co - (ok so it was partly my fault too), wandering homeless when p.s. I didnt go to Chevron overnight - oh but I shouldnt mention that - it was your birthday wasn't it?
but anyway love is in spite of and not because

:-) Smile every day - once in the morning and once before you go to bed - just cuz - cuz someone is thinking about you - cuz your friends love you - cuz Hashem always sends you what you need, just when you need it!

encoded said...

and now for the code:

asdiop rtyghjuioasd iopyuiert xcviopsdfwer rtyghjertiopyuifghghj qweghjuioxcvghj tyuiopyui xcvasbnm asdghjasertwer rtyghjiopasdwer opertuiocvbasrtywer sdfwerrtyasuioklasd iopdfg tyuiopyuiert kluiodfgwer!

start cracking - ten points when you figure it out!

the sabra said...

anonymous the first:
in a good way, ja?

this aliz?
and amen to what you said.
right back atcha!

anonymous the second:
err believe me u wouldn't want sucha friend. she's a dork.

p.s. u were supposed to send me the ANSWER to the code. not make me sit and try n crack it.
the thousand other p's and s's. im sitting here with a huge grin on my face cuz of those fantastic memories (you getting PICKED UP!!) and a warm feeling in my heart cuz of ur words.
eeeeeeeeek sabras getting mushy! time to stop...NOW

re ur code, go away and just tell me what it means already.

Nemo said...

I wish people would call me...

unpacking all my bags in uk said...

hi! its me again- long time no speak but thats because you dont answer your phone. do you only take calls from the moon?

the sabra said...

so this our code...ach i have no patience to do the rest. must i?

nemo nemo, at least you get packages

BAG UNPACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its so nice to hear from you again!!!!
and i just saw message u called last night. i went to bed early for a change, nu nu.
call more!!
and write more on my blog
i love hearing from you!

happy4u said...



chassida said...
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