Saturday, February 03, 2007

Know Thyself (The Secret to a Great Relationship)

"To match couples together is as difficult as the splitting of the sea," the Talmud states.

What is the meaning behind these words? True, the process of finding and maintaining a life partner may be challenging and difficult, nothing short of a miracle. But why, from all miracles described in the Bible, does the Talmud choose specifically the miracle of the splitting of the sea – described in this week’s portion (Beshalach) -- to capture the process of marriage?

Click here to read the Kabbalistic explanation to this answer, as discussed by Yosef Y. Jacobson.


Anonymous said...

Nicer color, i like.

Nemo said...

Why is this saying from the Gemara always used out of context. People always {not in this article, but generally} take this to mean that it's hard to find one's Bashert. It has nothing to do with that, it's talking about it being harder for Hashem to put the two souls together.

Here's a question... not posed to the Sabra, but to ANYONE reading this. Is girl/guy #1 that you marry considered your Bashert? What if there was no "splitting of the sea" and you just go with the first offer? Is it possible to go through life and never meet the person that is right for you?

anonym00kie said...

nemo, go thru life and never meet the person thats right for you? right in what sense? the one you marry is the one you were meant to marry and so thats the right one. it might not be the most pleasant one but who said this world is about pleasant - its the right one because thats what G-d decided is good for you and thats why you ended up marrying this person..

anonym00kie said...

"Our desire for intimacy is one of the profoundest expressions of our existential craving for Truth, for Oneness, for G-d."

loved this line
sabra great link

Anonymous said...

To shorten the megilah.. krias yam suf was hashem changing the flow of nature.. hashem took water which flows and commanded it to stop... natures course was changed.

Yet marriage hashem takes a man and a woman with 2 exact opposite natures and combines the two.. like putting the elephant thru a needle head without either changing..

afroson said...

if you choose guy/girl#1 its not bec you know... you get along so why not..if you say wut if you never meet the right person, so even if you dated thiry people you could have the same dilemma..wut if the right one diditn come up yet