Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bella Bellissima?!?!

anyone else thinking 'what the heck??!?!'

Bella Bellissima

This is a story worth educating children with
Tuesday, 12th May, 1992
A woman steps out of her house in Jerusalem
Normal standard day nothing special like any other day
A load of kids in the streets – there was a teachers’ strike
Same time exactly a revolting terrorist
Pulls out a kitchen knife and with it stabs two innocent kids
Another mad cruel attack
Another nationalist attack

He sets off running because a mob is in pursuit
And catches him after a few seconds in the carpark
tens of people kicking him – they want to close the score
I don’t judge them, it’s an irrational event
It’s a flawed situation, awful, revolting, unclear
But then turns up the woman and alters the end of the story
because she straight off throws herself on the terrorist and
protects with her body the terrorist who is also a human though without her body would have ended up a corpse
"I don’t understand, weren’t you afraid with that madman beneath you and the mob so close?
"Wouldn’t it have been easier to get up and leave?"
She replied to the journalist that she didn’t have time to think.
She replied to the journalist that she didn’t have time to think.

Bella bellissima...

That incident with the woman is engraved in my head
Where did she get the strength to lie there without moving, without fear
I ask myself what I would have done in her place
If at the same moment I had been in the area
It’s clear to me that I wouldn’t have gone over to boot him
But to be fair and to tell the truth
I don’t think I would have been capable of behaving like her
Much more typical for me to get up and run away
Or at the most to try to find a policeman or something
But she lay there until her strength waned
20 minutes she took all those kicks
Her kids watched and didn’t stop crying.

Bella Bellissima…...

This lady did not turn into a symbol
And in effect her name has been erased from consciousness.
There is no stamp with her face
Perhaps because Israel is not yet ready and is not willing
To bring to its breast a hero
whose heroism is not war-like, a hero
whose heroism is not military, a hero
whose heroism is just moral
a hero who is a woman, and a haredit at that.

Know this, dear woman, that I did not forget
The story of your heroism I promised to myself
That this story is worth educating children with
It’s a story that is worth educating children with

Bella Bellissima...

(click the title for the lyrics in hebrew)


Anonymous said...

Y is it good she saved a terrorist? am i not getting it?

Anonymous said...

What a disgusting song that highlights israeli's patheticness... and if this was true then this woman is scum of the earth.

Maybe she can join with the leftist on shabbos in chevron that helped the arab woman escape after beating up a 15 year old girl by beit hadasah..

Or the policeman 15 years ago that saved a terrorist from a lynch mob after he stabbed and killed 2 jews by the bus stop by kikar safara..

What a sad sick soxiety.. no wonder the arabs are taking over.

the sabra said...

hence my ???? and !!!

Avi said...

Simanei yisroel, umah hakedosha...rachmanim.
Im kol zeh: lakol z'man va'es... Es le'ehov, v'es lisnoh.

I'm personally very confused by this scenario.
Apathy: turn and run.
Anger: pounce and kill.
Angry self-control: turn and run.
Justice: pounce and kill.
Proper justice: pounce and kill and go back for his family.
Real proper justice:...and all his neighbors.
Democratic justice: pounce and wait for authority.
Liberal justice: pounce and kiss.

I'm still personally very confused by the appropriate reaction in this scenario...

We aren't animals even when we are hunted. But we are hunted... very confusing.

the sabra said...

i'm for the 'real proper justice'. provided of course, his neighbors are 'human' such as he..

and ur last line was sadly beautiful. or beautifully sad. or bitterly funny. or funnily bitter. or ironically true. or truthfully ironic.

Avi said...

Just confusing. :)

the sabra said...

ye, golus tends to be.
elephants and needle eyes...

wonderingjew said...

Kol Hamerachem al

wonderingjew said...
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Nemo said...

I'm with the people that are in shock by this woman's actions? How can anyone have compassion for, and much less put their lives at risk for a terrorist that attacks children?

What rationale can you possibly give for letting this person live?

Esther said...

Well objectively speaking, justice should not be in the hands of a mob. We live in a democracy and even a terrorist deserves a fair trial. The Torah too, does not give any permission for killing murderers without a fair trial unless it is in self defense. Not to condone protecting terrorists, but if the people judged life and death by their own standards, the country would be chaotic and immoral.

pint-sized said...

I am in total shock at people's responces to this courageous act. The act was not of allowing the terrorist to go free but of showing a divide between this beastial behaviour and our civilised society. The law is there to seperate revenge from justice. Do I think this terrorist is despicable? Yes. Do I think he should be punished? Yes. But I do not think that attacking him with an angry mob is doing anything other than showing savageness and proving what terrorists are trying to prove- that we are no better than them and that we retort to such behaviour in just as savage a manner. Those people who beat the terrorist just highlighted an animal instinct that society insists is dead in developed civilisation.

Avi said...

Nemo, no. Esther, ye, but more... Pint Size: Exactly.

Avi said...

(Glad y'all asked... ;)

the sabra said...

for days now the words are running and tiptoeing through my head..won't leave me alone...playing with me..teasing me...

Anonymous said...

Esther & pint-sized ...I see what you're saying and true we should be above the horrible acts of terrorists and show that we are better but at the same time, it is quite human for a mob to attack. The "Arei Miklat" were created just for that purpose - because it is human to chase after & seek revenge upon a person who has killed one's own - and in that case, by accident.
Chasing a killer isn't savage - it's live emotions, it's trying to fix a hurt to fill a void that is unfillable.

Anyway whose to say that a crazy terrorist wont strike again - for pikuach nefesh even in a sfek sfeka - one can kill the goy - so he kills two children -without a second thought and you just stand back and watch him walk away - assuming he is done with his duty and will never harm again? Esther, that is self defense.

Avi said...

Anon: I think Esther and Pint-sized concede that the crowds reaction was expected and - let's say - excusable?
Their (and my) point seems to be: That doesn't make it right. When someone steps in to do the legal and democratic thing, she should not be put down as an evildoer.
On a personal level I can't bring myself to call her a heroine, but I can give her my grudging acknowledgment.

the sabra said...


Esther said...

Thank you pint size and Avi for elucidating. I am usually alone on these issues, so it is nice to have some support.

Anonymous: While the arei miklat were created to protect people from revenge, the Torah definitely does not condone taking justice into your own hands. There is still a legal system and a rather stringent one as well. In fact, according to Torah, that terrorist would most probobly not receive death penalty- though he would definitely deserve it.

Chava: I am eagerly awaiting your response, though I am quite sure that you will vehemently disagree. But our friendship has faced bigger challenges (sugar free buiscuits and all), so I am sure we can overcome this one as well.

Esther said...

And no, I wouldnt call her a hero per say, but I wouldnt either call her an evil. I wouldn't do it myself, but I do have respect for a woman who stood up for the moral standards of her country and her religon at her own risk.

Avi said...

Question is: what was the songwriter's intent in portraying her...?

Anonymous said...

esther why do you say the terrorist wouldnt get the death penalty?

the sabra said...

o gd i am so sickened. i think i remember that i was almost getting swayed by esther's comment about fair trial.
but man, self defense comes first.

i shudder.

Anonymous said...

This is similar to the story of Jesus forgiviness.

it also reminds me of John Paul II who had forgived the man who shot and tried to kill him. He met with him, talked and said he forgivess him.

If this woman let this mob kill the guy, she would be no different than him, don't you think?

Israeli are not pathetic. Don't jugde what you don't understand.

(For the record - i'm not israeli)

the sabra said...

"If this woman let this mob kill the guy, she would be no different than him, don't you think?"

Uh, clearly, no.
(take a deep breath, sabra)

One is an act of terrorism and one is an act of self-defense.

The guy who started stabbing school-children was dangerous. He had to be stopped. Not just tying his hands or putting him in the corner. He had to be Stopped.