Thursday, February 08, 2007

When G-d Sends Snow

And G-d looked at His world and He saw the alleys and the fear, the homes and the abuse, the adults and the anger, the children and the confusion, the offices and the insolence, the hospitals and the doubts, the teenagers and the hunger, the homeless and the starvation.
He looked at His world and He saw shattered hearts and shut hearts, empty nests and overcrowded nests, lost children and children running away, closed fists and closed bank accounts.
He looked at His world and He saw regret, homesickness, disappointment, anxiety, guilt, discomfort, embarrassment and longing.

G-d saw all this.

He saw all this and as a strategy to melt away the fear, abuse, anger, confusion, insolence, doubts, hunger and starvation from His world; in an effort to clear the hearts, arrange the nests, bring the children home, and re-deposit the money in His world; in a process to purify the regret, homesickness, disappointment, anxiety, guilt, discomfort, embarrassment and longing of His world, G-d tenderly and, at the same time, harshly sent down into His world precipitation formed directly from the freezing of the water vapor in the air, in the form of ice crystals, mainly of intricately branched, hexagonal form, gently covering all surfaces with a precise hug of white.

And all we saw was snow.


creepy crawly Timothy said...

Get this published! Emergency!

Funny how emergency has less to do with urgency than it does with emerge.

the sabra said...

hey thanks
u guys are all so nice

(love ur 'flatteration' word and i didnt get ur last line)

the sabra said...

and i JUST got the adjective..oy im so slow these days..whats happenin to me...and derech agav, i HATE those c squared words...stick to slitherin..even though that has more to do with me and my past than you and uh harry...

the sabra said...

o gosh i need an editor. ten minutes im sitting here deciding if the last line should be italicized or if i should go back to my original version. oyyyyyyyyy.

ma said...

this way is perfect!! and so are you !!

Esther said...

Powerful! Here I am, sitting at my computer screen all teary and emotional. Your the best Sabra... even if you won't say my name right.

said said said said...


running jumping bob and his wife madeline said...

they don't want to be your editors but would like to share their reaction to your changed post: they think the final line would have more impact if it were more subtle. A paragraph space and sans italique.

K Madeline left.

Bob said:
I think the creep up top meant that the word "emergency" makes one think automatically of urgency. Which is ok, but the words are wholly unrelated. Which is funny. I'd think its safe to assume the word etymologized from "emerge" probably as an allusion to "come to light" as in "something's come up! A new thing has emerged! An EMERGENCY!" Which is even funnier cuz then I can say "I just had a huge emergency! And you say "Oh no! What was it?!?!" And I say "A pimple just to the left of my nose!" And you say "What kind of emergency is that?" To which I readily and smugly reply "The emergency of a pimple!" And you (you who have NOT read this brilliant piece that could likely get me banned from Sabra-commenting privileges for a million and twelve weeks), still don't agree, which dampens my smugness just an eeensy weensy bit. But 'ts all coooooool!

Avi said...

Really beautiful post.

Pennie said...

Hmm so I'm thinking about this... but I feel as if the snow just covers and for such limited time - soon the snow will melt and will it wash the pain away? Or will the pain be left uncovered, open and raw? Did G-d really protect us with merely a cover? hmmm...still thinking

oh well said...

i like the other version better.
way more of an effect.

the sabra said...

oh well-
i cant deciiiiiiiiiiiiiide.
that's why i hate writing!!

and lots more to respond to the other peeps but ain li zman achshav.
i worry most about formatting.

Avi said...

I agree with Bob and Madeline: The current formatting perfectly contrasts what we saw with the earlier "G-d saw all this."

PS, If ever you run out of ideas, 33 Norwegian Salmons would be nice. Smoked, sliced and shmeared with cream cheese. Oh man, now I gotta go wait on that liiiiiiiine with a Bunch 'o People!

the sabra said...

im blushin so much i cant type
but lets get past the 'ur so gorgeous and smart and talented, my dr. lawyer daughter' bit and lets talk writing. bseder?

omg i cant believe u just made me say that! tzippy, u know i hate blackmail! ;)

and sweet. i didn't think ud care much for this one. uve been away too long, i guess.

the said stutterer-
(u grandma or shadchan?)
for G-d, right? right. i think so too.

sam and his dog richard-
im so slow again. re the name. and ur emergency thing makes sense. no worries on comment banning. and i guess that's why women in labor go to emergency rooms. and thats why ppl in burning houses call the emergency hotline.
i like.

hey haven't heard from u in a while. thank you. nothing smart to add though? no literary critique? nu nu

next commenter please wait while i catch my breath from laughing.
alrIGHT, movin right along to...

..the dropping pennie:
the snow lets u pause and think. and collect urself. or if ur problem is that u think too much, the snow lets u forget about e/t and just watch its magic.

im more surprised that no one challenged my views on this one.

o wait, u do have an opinion on the formattin. k so now were up to 3 ppl who think so...

the sabra said...

too much power, i tell ya

i still am undecided bout which message i wanna bring out.


Avi said...

Not to align myself with those freaks... am I the only one who thinks "liiiiiiiiiine of people" looks like a long line of people?

the sabra said...

um i don't want to have to start moderating comments so avi, please be careful how you talk about other readers/commenters, ok?
yknow i actually thought it was pretty neat what they said...would do you well to expand your horizons a bit yknow, broaden your mind, think out of the box...

o and liiiiiiine looks like candles to me or books.

the sabra said...


the snow definition is from i'm sorry for not mentioning that earlier. i thought it was obvious that it was not written by me. aliza says she never knew the dictionary was a poet. well, now she knowed it. (blogmentor?)

(whats the emergency, you ask? well, its the truth emerging. and it was urgent that you would all be aware of it)

Scraps said...

I haven't seen the earlier incarnations to compare what I see now. But what I see now is beautiful. :)

the sabra said...

that's comforting. thanks a bunch :)

truthfully, it was (is!) only a matter of spacing and italics but though it may seem small it really is a huge difference. it's a matter of which point i want emphasized. but nu nu its over and im leaving it such.