Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Times of Label #5

Oy I'm so spoiled.
I see results so quickly.
Baruch Hashem, Baruch Hashem, Baruch Hashemmmmmmmm.

Today, I put out two sheets of paper.
One had a lady and an airplane drawn on it, and the other one had a man and a tree.
I also put out two markers.
One was blue, the other one was orange.
And I put out a sheet of multi-colored stickers.

His hands were on the table. The stuff were in front of him. He wasn't touching, only watching.

Then I said, "Take the blue marker and make a line from the man to the tree"
He did.
Then I said, "Take the blue marker and make a line from the lady to the airplane."
He did.
Then I said, "Take the orange marker and make a line from the lady to the airplane."
He did.


K then I said, "Take a green sticker and put it on the tree".
And he did.
Then I said, "Take a yellow sticker and put it on the lady."
And he did.




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Dovid said...

Tagged! G'luck!

wandering said...

What a lucky boy label is. You are an awesome therapist- ask for a raise! Luv ya and I will send your regards to the holy land

the sabra said...

if you weren't a fellow fribber, id delete everything you said ;)

o and dovid-next time ask before you tag me, ok?


kasamba said...

Boruch Hashem!!!!

rivka said...

Thats amamzing how you can work with him like that. I just finished reading a book about this. He sounds very responsive B'H

Nemo said...

It's interesting how the color markers that the Sabra choses are orange and blue. Incidentally, that's also the Blogger scheme colors.

Lo Nishkach Velo Nislach

ah unjoined said...

woah woah baruch hashem that is so soo ssoo great!!!

i always think of that letter of the rebbe's where he urges not to place limits on special ed. kids, that their potential to learn and do surpasses the limits we imagine.


p.s. and 10x

Chaya said...

WOW! Good Job Sabra!
So proud of you!

the sabra said...

ah unjoined (LOL)-
i didn't understand the ps. were u referring to the 'yay' (the 10x) or somethin else?

o and guys-chill out.


unjoined said...

the yay was for your work.

the 10x was for restoring unjoined status

the sabra said...


err not literally, you understand...