Wednesday, January 31, 2007

no expectations, no disappointments

tis the rule

p.s. completely unrelated, but 'm'-i still have more to say and i wasn't running away... just thought u'd gain more if u got it another way...


Anonymous said...

nachon !

the sabra said...

eh which part u agreein with?

Anonymous said...

the part of the cow jumping over the moon,
eh which part? eh what you said - no expectations, no disapointments -no body owes you anything

the sabra said...

considering i also had a personal ps stuck in there, the fact that i was uncertain as to what you were referring to, should not bewilder you.

and ya, i learned that from my mommy.

m said...

at tzodeket. (duh)

wait: Anonymous! said...

You love torturing your readers, dontcha?

the sabra said...

huh? i didn't get that last comment.

the sabra said...

if it was to me (vs the cow thats currently in the hospital due to senseless aerobics), well the answer is 'definitely not'.
i don't like torturing my readers. unless they are shlechte mentchen.

horizon said...

hmmmmm not so sure.

expectations lift our eyes beyond the next hill, around the next bend, to places we can't yet reach.

small price to pay for disappointment

the sabra said...

so horizon, what are u unsure about?

did i write not to expect?

Greg said...

Hey sabra: Are you starting out on a special kind of rap-career or was that just a kinda lyrical outcry;)

anonym00kie said...

tis the rule of the coward.
the brave have high expectations and brush off the disapointments

finding one soulmate is worth 10 heartbreaks - at least!

the sabra said...

hi. didn't see u here in a while. and nah, no lyrical stirrings goin on here. just me and my thoughts and conclusions.

neva said it should be the rule of ur life. im just stating facts. you and horizon don't have to worry bout me :)

bob/timothy/wait: anonymous! said...

Perhaps "torture" is too strong a word. :)

You just seem to have an affinity for posting cryptic messages, waiting for reader comments, then saying "whatcha talkin' bout? You have no idea what I was referring to!"

Am I wrong? I'm not.
Is it bad? Nope. It's your blog.
Is it fun - for the reader?
Not the first time or 2.
After that - quite.

Keep on keepin' on!

the sabra said...

hehe i sure will, sire.

you say its fun for readers after a while? im happy.

you say im cryptic and whatnot-how many times must i explain my blog process???

hmmmm its time i do another clarifying post, i see..

the sabra said...

and sheesh, this post was the simplest one of em all!

all i wrote was that if you don't expect anything, you won't be disappointed!

how can someone NOT understand that??

timothy who felt a little bad when he said it, said...

...he never really read the post. Just commented on The Sabra's answer to the first Anonymous.
He further stated that he was unaware of any "blogging system" or a post that purported to clarify what that system may be.

Finally, Tim respectfully requested that the Sabra find a way to inform him of such a post, for while he tries to keep track of the comments he leaves, to see if replies have been offered, it becomes difficult. It makes him work. He dislikes work. He likes vacation very much. Very, very, very much.

the sabra said...

tell tim to bring me a newspaper.

as for you, madeline, i wrote a post and then i added a p.s....since the first comment was anonymously signed (er that kinda an oxymoron, no), so i had zero idea if it was a response to my post or to the p.s.
a p.s. that only one reader would understand.

so i asked which part was being agreed with.


and i will graciously post my 'clarification' post on the top of my blog..not hidden somewhere in the archives b/w march and april of the year 2006.

woah my kindness is overwhelming me.