Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nazi Archives Made Public

you know where to click to view a preview of sorts to my hero post which may possibly never show face due to lack of time and quiet and nothing else

*thanks CE for sendin it to me


Anonymous said...

i didnt get it. why did they repeat it again and again and what does it have to do with nazi's?oh well.

the sabra said...

err im not sure what you are talking about.

why did who repeat what again and again?
and what does WHAT have to do with the nazis??

Don't be fazed... said...

Thanks for that.

...cuz what's in a name? said...

..and then I ate breakfast, and walked a bit, and wondered if I was just in the moment or I was genuinely authentically absolutely unequivocally (thank The Good Lord there's no character limit on these comment thingies) one-hundred-and-fourteen-percent moved by the clip.

It's B. Final answer. Wow... Thanks.

the sabra said...

gosh im happy.


(err im seriously happy?)

i hope this moves u to action though. any kind of good action.

the sabra said...

o and derech agav, there IS a character limit on these 'comment thingies' (humph!) and the consequences of disregarding it are not pleasant.
no noooo