Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my heroes, my heroes, my heroes

You asked who my heroes are.
I have many. I have none.
When a hero fails, they are gone and never were.
It's bad, I know.
But all that aside-
are many people that I respect and admire. Many people I learn from. Many people I wish I'd learn from. Many people I look up to. (And hey, I'm no shortie). Many people that inspire me. Many people that move me. Many people that move me to tears. Many people that make me move. Many people who light a spark in my soul.
For post's sake, I'll call them 'heroes'.

The following is a COMPLETE list of ALL my heroes and EVERY reason why I heroize them so. Yup, that
means you can come running to me afterward with a disgruntled/angry/amazed/confused/accusatory partzuf and sue me for leaving someone out and/or for not giving a satisfactory explanation as to WHY this hero was chosen.

(in alphabetical order because I can't think of a different order that would make sense to me)

Hero 1- Aliza for she puts practical into abstract and abstract into practical

Hero 2- Anonymookie for she taught me much

Hero 3- Chaya, my new friend, for her easy spirit and her tough will

Hero 4- Each and every soldier who was mesarev pekudah and didn't expel (or have any part at all in the expulsion of the) Jews who had been living in Gush Katif until the summer of 2005 for doing what they did

Hero 5-Everyone involved in Maaseh Nissim for the heroes themselves who don't even think they are heroes and for the volunteers who have recognized and actively appreciate these heroes

Hero 6- Founders of Malchus for putting thought to action, in a positive & world-changing way.

Hero 7- Mrs. Teichtel (principal of Beis Rivkah, CH) for her love and her patience

Hero 8- Mrs. Turen for her mind-boggling devotion and care

Hero 9- Oskar Schindler for regretting that he didn't save even one more person

Hero 10- Reizi Rodal for she accomplished in 10 years what people don't manage in 70

Hero 11- Rochel, and Akiva her husband for their love of Torah

Hero 12- Rochel Imeinu for always being there for me

Hero 13- Shluchim of the Lubavitcher Rebbe for transcending nature

Hero 14- The chassidim and melamdim who were active in Russia under communist rule for breathing for lives not their own

Hero 15- The chossid who responded to my playful comment of "Well, before I go to anyone's house, I check to see if they are a real chossid of the Rebbe or not", with an immediate "Pff, well you definitely came to the wrong house", for he is a continuous dugma chaya of an emesdike chossid.

Hero 16- The Frierdiker Rebbe for mesiras nefesh

Hero 17- The Jewish residents of Chevron for holding onto my holy city

Hero 18- The staff and volunteers of Camp Simcha for they give life

Hero 19- Writers of published bestseller books for they effect people worldwide

Hero 20- Yidden who 'went through' the holocaust for Hashem only gives tests of such magnitude to those really close to Him.

If anyone cares to hear more info/thoughts on any of the above-mentioned heroes of mine, feel free to disregard the blog title.
Oh and you can obviously hold me liable to everything I've written here and I have no right to change my mind at any given time. Oof.


Chaya said...

Sabra you did it again. Looked at something in a light that no one else could've. Nice perspective. You really know how to appreciate people.

ma said...

so my dear, if i do sue you (knowing you dont have a penny to your name) which of your DEAR HEROES is gonna help pay all the legal fees for you??? ahem ahem...
....walks away insulted...

ma said...

oh and dont tell me aliza will do it free of charge.
- you have the right to remain silent, for anything you say or write now, can and will be held against you.

shprintz said...

hyterical cracking up rofl with the dogs


Dovid said...

Sabra, How do you manage to knock out these awesome posts? Very, very good!

the sabra said...

dovid and chaya-i have no idea why you are so impressed with what i wrote but its nice to hear. thanks.

shprintz-why you laughing so hard? i was so serious! there are many reasons but that was one that i chose. i know u will read everything i meant to say.
(er, now im gettin worried that im misunderstanding who this this my rich grandma speakin?)

and ma, ma what are we gonna do with you????
you also want calls on your cellphone?

Fazed and tired of names said...

Really, Voips?

the sabra said...

would the sabra lie?

and children, i have more heroes that i simply forgot to add but i did intend to write about-

Hero 21-My most beloved and respected and admired family member (you know who you are!)

Hero 22-Nachshon ben Aminadov

Hero 23-R' Yossi Jacobson

Nemo said...

I'm not your hero? I'm waling away with ma...

the sabra said...

you do that
and im not offerin to buy tissues
you've been warned

anonym00kie said...

geez how did i make it on that list?! flattered!

Anonymous said...

Damn I am honored.. but betcha didnt know I help build malchus with chaya markel and racheli bimbat...

Shame the website is no longer up but you can find the cafe rimon shiur on my blog.

Lets not forget to give a big thank you to yakov da russian.

Yakov said...

Hey guys, thnx for the shoutout.

Much love, Da russian™

AIM: Yakver