Sunday, January 14, 2007

i lost the battle even before war was proclaimed

i just found out today that even before i came, the decision was made that i was not wanted
my personality will clash with hers and that she can't accept, can't tolerate.
i will overshadow her, compete with her and that's no good
i was despised even before i appeared
i was unwanted even before we were acquainted

and here i am trying to mend...while the tear was there before the garment.


actuaryess said...

that must be real hard...

the sabra said...

it is.
thanks for ur empathy.
im now seriously considering the idea of makin sucha huge gash in the garment that there will be no hope for repair


Scraps said...

That's really tough. We all like to think we stand a chance... :(

Scraps said...

P.S. ((((hugs))))

the guilty one said...

no no. sabra, you got it all wrong.

we don't despise you.

it's just that we know how abolutely amazing, stupendous, resplendent, extraordinary, and superior the sabra is, and we were afraid--actually we were certain--that she would steal the show.

such a blow to our ego would be entirely intolerable and would, in factg, be ethal to our already shaky inferiority complex,

hence our actions.

the sabra said...

err not at all
halevai that it was you that i was talkin about

oh and u can cut the sarcasm...again

the sabra said...

thanks for ur understanding. and ur hug. (are u gonna charge me sometime for ur kindness?)

Chaya said...

awwww....that really sux.
sorry, but i dont believe ull let it rip worse, ur better than that.

the sabra said...

not anymore

what do you think all these sabra prickles are here for??

Scraps said...

sabra'le--as I always tell my friends, no charge.

(((hugs))) <--just for good measure

the sabra said...

Hey that was a good line, the last one-

" I am trying to mend..while the tear was there before the garment."