Monday, January 01, 2007

the fireworks in your life

i really like watching fireworks
i do
its a tremendous thrill
each boom
can watch em for hours
boom and BOOM and boom and BOOM
delightfully frightening
oddly comforting
those big bangs
boom and boom and boom
i like the noises more than the colors
the sound more than the show btw
(never mind tis beneficial for the kyphosis)
so ya im totally enraptured by them but hey, i keep my focus yknow
i watch em for a bit and then move on down the path
watch em some more and then move on again
move on in life

some people don't

some people want their whole lives to be one of fireworks
of loud noises and flashy colors
of sudden thrills and constant rushes
but yo, you'll never get enough
you can't get enough
when does one say 'ok, that's enough. i've had my fill of the fireworks'?
they don't
you won't
cuz you can't get enough
you know why?
cuz its superficial
so it will never satisfy you
the long lasting thrill that you long for has gotta come from within

do you know that my heart soars with each flare?
that i hold my breath till it explodes?
that my life, at the moment, is bound with the zoom?
do you not realize that im overcome with a headiness not at all dissimilar to yours?
do you think i am oblivious to the awesomeness?
that i don't appreciate the extremity?

i shiver as you do and laugh out of sheer delight

but just as honestly, i gotta tell you-
it's time to move on.
time to stop gawking and start acting
no, im not advising you set off the crackers yourself
im telling you to drop the fireworks and start gettin high from Truth


Nemo said...

I skipped the fireworks and chose to sit on the internet instead. What does that say about superficiality?

the sabra said...

no idea

Anonymous said...

titchadshi on the new layout.

K'yisron ha'or mitoch ha'choshech

the sabra said...



Pragmatician said...

im telling you to drop the fireworks and start gettin high from Truth
It's so much harder than just enjoy the show put out by someone else.

Ps, the most beautiful one I ever witnessed was in the Disney Parks.

the sabra said...

ok but prag, enjoying it from someone else will never give you the same thrill. Cmon, don't you feel like the explosions are just too short? Don't you feel like they are a tease? Don't you want something that will last longer, penetrate deeper?