Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ye vagabond

Ye wanted my blessing
Ye looked so innocent, ye did
So ye sneezed twice
Twice, ye sneezed
To garner my blessing

Ye vagabond
Ye s0ulless vagabond

Ye acted as if ye were readin the newspaper
Yeh, acted I say
I saw through
I saw through that, ye vagabond
Ye soulless vagabond

Ye cough. Ye ask for water.
Shred the script, I say.

Vagabond, vagabond, vagabond.

Unless of course, yer soul was
the innocent, and twas
mine that had been



the sabra said...

ha and the definition changed bli rishus.

Scraps said...

You like that word, don't you?

What say you? Are you the vagabond, or he?

(p.s. I think you'll like my latest)

yingerman said...

aye mateees
shiver me timbers, them thars fighting words

the sabra said...

scraps-nah, i don't especially like that word. it just appeared in my brain. in the place of a different one, actually. and though vagabond was the wrong word, i didn't have the heart to kick it out (enough wanderin for one creature, don't ya think?) so i let it stay. but it knows good and well that it's not the Real word.