Tuesday, December 26, 2006

we talk about heavy topics so it should seem light
we don't mock, we don't laugh, we don't lighten
but the talking alone lightens the load
lightens the life
lightens the soul


shaina matel said...

its 100% true...chassidus teaches us that by actually verbalizing your thoughts..it becomes more a reality...scary eh, mel? hehe

r' veryanonymous said...

after much deliberation and debate, we have voted to change sabra's name to "ms. haiku"

its now official.

Pragmatician said...

It does, it really does

ps:how do you get the "danishes" next to the comment field?

wandering said...

yeah she is like that. Thank G-d for putting some cool people in the world right?

the sabra said...

prag-one of the options when ye switch to beta. have you?

rest of responses soon. now its time for chocolate spread and crackers.

wandering said...

oh and does danish refer to the food or to the nationality?

Pragmatician said...

I did switch, I'll check it out

anonym00kie said...

you've been tagged..

the sabra said...

shaina mattel-completely not what i said.

MISTER frummie (ahem no use trying to stay anonymous)-you can't change my name.

wandering-who and what u talkin about?
and of course it refers to the nationality :)