Friday, December 08, 2006

thursday night means home from the army :)

So we sit down today for lunch and she picks up her cup and says 'here we go-my first drink of the day'. I realize that I too had not had anything to drink yet so I reached for my plastic cup and filled it with water. As I'm drinking, she tells me -"Y'know, the Rambam says not to drink while you eat.." I cut her off "ya and to refrain from drinking durin the half hour before as well as the half hour after eating". "Right", says she. Then she picks up her cup and continues drinking. I also picked up my cup but as I was about to tip it into my mouth, my hand froze (no, not literally you silly goose). I don't get you, I said to myself-You just discussed a coupla nanoseconds ago, out loud, that the Rambam said it's not good to drink durin a meal and yet you are going ahead and drinking anyhow. Mah karah lach, tembelit!?
How senseless I am...


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