Friday, December 01, 2006

Times of Label #3

They say to treat special needs kids as if they were regular kids.
I say to treat regular kids as if they were special needs.


Avi said...

Me too. Reminds me of the internal conversation I have every Elul: To their "We shouldn't do that; it's three days before Yom Kippur!" I think: "If we shouldn't do it, we shouldn't do it on March 16th either!" And then I think "No we shouldn't, and I'll make a mental note to remember on March 16th how inappropriate this seemed days before Yom Kippur and how inappropriate it must be even if I don't feel that way today." To paraphrase (mutilate the words of?) the Frierdiker Rebbe: "Mach March 16th Yom Kippur."

"Regular" children should be treated regular, children with special needs [I'm officially not allowed to write 'special children' in Friendship Circle PR... just venting...] should be treated regular... and let us all take note of the "regularity" we employ in our special dealings so we can deal that way with every child.

PS What's in a cup o coffee?

the sabra said...

I agree with the cheshbon nefesh bit. interesting though that this reminded you of it.

i didn't understand ur second paragraph-do you mean that treating kids 'specially' should be regular?

o and vent all you want...but i gotta frienship circle teeshirt that i value quite be careful :)

p.s. chashish

Avi said...

The whole thing was a long way of saying: "I agree with you."

Second paragraph: Exactly.
As in: One way to implement this mindset is to take note of how we deal with special-needs kids, and apply it to all children, thus making it regular.

Vent: Are you kidding? 60% of my workday involves FC, I'm at all their functions... I'm in awe of their directors, volunteers and children... I resent the PC terms I have to use - not cuz I disagree, just cuz they make my sentences bulkier.

PS Ani matchil l'havin...

Avi said...

PPS, it never occurred to me that you're actually in Israel. Unless you're mad serious about "Mach doh Eretz Yisrael" and set your computer time accordingly... Hmmmm...

the sabra said...

i can't believe someone agrees with me.
i'm scared.

good that u are involved with fc. that brings me happiness.

p.s. ata lo maivin klum al zeh. i started this blog when i was in israel and have been in and out ever use changing the time every time i leave my land.

Avi said...

There once was a girl who had trains on a track,
then one day she offered up coffee 'n crack,
her name always changes, it's never the same,
but that doesn't faze me cuz "what's in a name?"

But one thing I wonder, answer me please:
The cave full of candles away from the breeze,
Before they are kindled it just seems too dark,
But to change that you only need one little spark
Not a whole cave full and not even three,
Just one little candle so that you can see.

"The more light the better" is sometimes the case,
But it's a CAVE, and it's supposed to be DARK and DANK and I don't want you to ruin it with all those candles and if you haven't noticed the tribute to my non-love of poetry this last part goes against the rhythm and doesn't rhyme... Race. (Ooops.)

Rachel said...

Since I have a ton of work to do right now, I think it's an appropriate time for a BLOG RAID.

Just wanted to wholly agree with Avi's first comment about not being allowed to write "special children"... My FC coordinator once gave us an awesome letter to read that was written from the perspective of a child with autism. One of the points were that it's wrong to call the kid an "autistic kid" because then you're saying that autism is the distinguishing feature of the kid. For example, you wouldn't call a child who is overweight a "fat kid" or a child with glasses a "myopic kid." They're kids who have autism, are overweight, wear glasses, are happy, are sad, are talented, etc etc.
We made a point to read that letter every time before visiting our friend.
Since then, I haven't been able to say "autistic kid." He is a kid who has autism. Just that. In fact, just right now, as I'm filling out my applications, when I discussed my experiences in FC I still avoided terming it "autistic kid."

P.S. I love your quote, Sabra.

the sabra said...

Thanks :)

Interesting-of all people, I just wrote on my resume about my experience with a "developmentally delayed child" and a "special-needs teenager". Ha. But I think it's like how blind people can make fun of braille. And Jews can make all those self deprecatory jokes.

the sabra said...

lol re work responsibilities being an appropriate time for a blog raid. i so know it ;)