Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Part One Of The 'al tishali oti' Theory

Y'know those puzzles where u are given a word and then by changin one letter at a time you get to a new one? like eat, cat, car, tar....

so thats my blog

Imagine you write up a whole paper on something dear to you and then some ginger tea spills all over it. You show the paper to a friend who looks at it, looks at you, looks at it and proclaims 'ur nuts! this makes no sense!'

so thats my blog

Filling out a crossword puzzle...genius not much-you have the clues...yea you gotta work to figure it out but yo, you aint startin from scratch...your conclusion is perfectly logical

so thats my blog

bottom lines sum up a conversation

so thats my blog

and thats it for now. stay tuned for Part Two Of The 'al tishali oti' Theory. because you asked.


Nemo said...

I can't wait

Anonymous said...

did you hear nemo, yo need ot feed sabra

actuaryess said...

thats cute!
i think we actually sometimes forget that the most obvious are crossword puzzles too?
i should hope so anyhow...

wishes outspoken said...
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wishes outspoken said...

yah... puzzles are fun... BUT ONLY WHEN IN THE END YOU GET THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

you get to laugh at our confusion and in the end wht do we end up with... aside from more confusion....

ain't that a teeny weeny bit selfish?

can't fool me said...

woah. slow down. you mean there's a theory to sab's blog. u must be kiddin.

the sabra said...

al tishali oti al osher

the sabra said...

wishes outspoken:
selfish? why's that? my blog is on the required reading list? who asked u to step into my brain and then complain when you get lost?
do i look like im laughin at ur confusion?
as for understanding-i dont mind explaining most of my posts. well some of them, at least.

ask away :)

could fool you:
wish i had less theories

the sabra said...

it's really true that i don't mind explaining most of my posts. i just don't feel the need to write e/t out in "long division".