Wednesday, December 20, 2006


wishes outspoken said...

this danish is speechless

Pragmatician said...

is that you?

the sabra said...

no. it is not me.
it is the face of a friend who is now in shamayim begging hashem to bring us moshiach and take his family and the rest of his Jewish brothers out of golus.
that's who it is.

the sabra said...

in the meantime, you can say tehillim for the following 3 bochurim-

Avraham Yehuda ben Faiga
Alexander Zussman ben Chasya
Shneur Zalman ben Nechama

who were injured in the car crash.

Rochel said...

baruch dayen emes
was he one of the buchurim in the car crash on the way to movtzoim? my cuzin was one of the buchurim who p.a. , it's all veery tragic and shocking

the sabra said...

geula is overdue
way way way overdue