Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Silence, at times, is the loudest, sharpest and most powerful 'last word'.
(Mion B. Relliantz)


Pragmatician said...

I'll take silence any day over too much talking

actuaryess said...

silence is a necessity not enough people are aware of.

Anonymous said...

Tru dat

your (now) silent correspondent....

Chaya said...


Anonymous said...

ehh my contribution to this post isnt relevant as I was deaf for 2 years... lets just say that 99% of what is spoken isnt important ;)

(besides for the soldier screaming at me to identify myself at 2am cutting my way around army base with m-16 strapped to my back and I look up in time to see him cocking his gun hehe "ATZUR ANI YEHUDI!" [I do look like a terrorist!!])

the sabra said...

ever the pragmatician, eh?
but a last word does not necessarily mean 'too much talking'.

siyug l'chochma shtika, ah?

thanks for your cooperation in the (silent) correspondence
[hmmm im thinkin of a few diff silent correspondents of mine)


thank gd you got saved :)

Scraps said...

Absolutely true.

katamoncellphone said...

Actually I was not the first anoyn lol but yeah silent corrospondence anyday.

Anonymous said...

scilence is aquiescence

the sabra said...

thanks for agreein ;)

ya ya

usually but not always.
sometimes its a matter of maturity.
sometimes its a matter of not wishin to argue with a broomstick.

the sabra said...

Lol broomstick.

Yeah so I can't really take all the credit for that quote. I imagine Ethics of the Fathers somewhat influenced the thought pattern. Well, if not influenced then lifachot l'mafreah they deserve a mention oy I really do make sense. Believe it!