Friday, November 03, 2006

Shabbat Lech Lecha and 11 Cheshvan (or 'The Sabra That Was')

So as I'm doing the dishes, I'm musing about last year's Yud Aleph Cheshvan (anniversary of the death of our matriarch Rachel) and I decide to look back n read what I had written about it. I searched my blog till I found it here. It's a reprint of an email I sent out to a buncha acquaintances, buddies, family members, jailmates and grandkids. I get sucha kick outta readin my old emails cuz I write them as if I'm talking to the recipient personally. But, mahjnuna that I am, I still stick in my private jokes that noone but myself gets (ahem esty ;) ). So when I finished, I scrolled down and saw my email about Shabbat Lech Lecha and all these rich memories and emotions suddenly sabranapped me (similar to kidnapping, but not quite).

Those were the days...ahh hayu yamim hayu yamim...anyhow, I thought maybe you guys would enjoy it..cuz yall come back to this balagan of a blog and get frustrated that you cant decipher the CIA code....which noone asked you to do anyhow, so ur just setting yourself up for disappointment...silly muggles...and I never keep you in mind, never bother explaining or giving theres no thinking or guessing required this time.....b'kitzur, my good deed of the decade.

(over my freedom of expression as well as the revealing clues/hints/details of my life n background)

[chortle chortle]

(o and wandering, i already told you i won't mention the approx 30:12 cuz ur not cool enough so don't you be expecting it now)


afroson said...

and i thought language barrier was the reason i didnt understand your blog....mahjnuna i like it like this

(and btw i wanted to be afrotushy in your honor but then i thought it wasnt appropriate so i put it into parenthesis...much better right?)

the sabra said...

ya well u were a major inspiration. after all, were nearly um parade attenders ;)

very smart to put it in parenthesis. cuz i wouldnt want such shtus displayed so publicly. (hehe remember my mum asked bout u...? lol)

i love youuuuuu

afroson said...

shh dont say you love me in front of make me blush (yes afros blush..not sure what color they turn though) least have the decency to put it in a parethesis

the sabra said...

(k i will. everything i say to you must be in parenthesis cuz theres always so much love pourin out. time for a new motto)

Nemo said...

Mazel Tov

Anonymous said...

wait wait, sabra is doing the dishes... wooohoooo! finally.

heheheh. JK.

wandering said...

It was more than 30:12- we got cut off in the middle. Just for the record. And I think just about ALL the jokes you make are with yourself... I just laugh along to make you feel good ;)
hey do you still have that list of all the chicago ones?

the sabra said...

just threw it out

heehee i crack myself up. im answerin u like a year and a half later.