Wednesday, November 22, 2006

new born words

"I want all the information and research handed to me on a platter. After viewing and tasting, I will decide if the platter is a silver one or a moldy one"

"What am I doing? I work, and then I'm default dugma chaya"

"Tis good to feel accomplished, not merely to be accomplishing. But actually, that's just a yetzer hora"

"Oish, I've spent nearly an eternity researching this. Well, enough time to be frustrated."

"i just feel too small for this world in a way, and in a way too big, too much. like i dont fit in."

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the sabra said...

Hmm I think I said all those. Or at least most of em. Shame I didn't link. I guess that means I DID say them, then. Wow.