Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My (attempted) Roman Conversion

It's not happening!
I try, I try, I really do, but it's just not happening!

I memorize their mantra, but end up chanting my own.
I merge into their lanes, but end up driving in my own.
I listen to their beat, but end up marching to my own.
I gaze at their portraits, but end up painting my own.
I mingle with their folk, but end up living on my own.
I practice their strokes, but end up creating my own.
I hear their language, but end up speaking my own.
I taste their mixes, but end up blending my own.
I wear their styles, but end up adapting my own.
I breathe their air, but end up emitting my own.

I just can't do it.
I just can't do as the Romans do.


ellie said...

Isn't it unlike you to even want to do what the Romans do?

Sara with NO H said...

When in rome...
So there's another saying.
Fake it till you make it. Smile.

wandering said...

Hey YOU are the roman. You get to do whatevery you want and the rest of us have to follow. ;)

Nemo said...


malevi said...

when in rome do without....

Pimplesoflife said...


the sabra said...

True, but sometimes the situation calls for it. Life usually does. It may not look like it, but I do try to be more socially acceptable, and be polite and all that stuff. It's hard but I do work on it. Occasionally, I succeed. Sigh. I'm not workin hard enough, I suppose. I know.

sara bli h:
Arghh I'm tryinggggggg

hey, nice. I like that. But yknow, most people don't realize that I'm the roman. And normally, I don't care. Not at all. I'm Roman for myself and none else. But. But but but. BUT, I'm scaring too many people away, freaking too many people out, embarrassing and shaming innocent fellas (including myself)....
Whether I'm wrong or right, Roman or not, I still feel bad.

This world is only a hallway to the next.

haha i was just gonna ask bout the first two letters, got it now..HEHE so ya of course as I was typing up this post I was thinkin of you guys...ahhh definitely brought a smile to my face.

um i don't know what to respond. im just letting you know i read ur comment :)

remchalamo said...

Of all people you are so anti conformity so you do good being yourself!

the sabra said...

ya well 'myself' is not proper
its time to be proper

Scraps said...

Conformity can be so constricting, and yet, it can be the best mask to hide your true self behind.

the sabra said...

whats the point of having a true self if ya dont let it out?

anonym00kie said...

whats the point of having a beautiful body if you dont let it out? cuz sometimes beauty is preserved and appreciated when it's hidden

the sabra said...

different different different

(tom i respond clearer iyh)

Avi said...

Another funny story: Three friends playing "bump the nun off the sidewalk" in Vatican City. Also funny, also long... still the thought that counts.

When in Rome, leave.

the sabra said...

takkeh good advice.
to leave rome, that is.

and gosh im completely flattered that you are really goin thru archives...definitely gives me hope in dealing w/ these 'hungry people' (while i speak poetry)

sorry kiddo, to get that one u needa do a bit more of the researching.

Avi said...

Oh my pleasure. I'm having a ball.

the sabra said...

again, completely flattered
(no, not copied and pasted...)

k so tell me when u find the reference :)

Avi said...

Ahh, just saw this.

Will do. If I find it. :)