Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a life of questions...

I was debating if it should be a life of 'why' or 'why not'.
I came up with the following:

Deeds done by oneself, should be preceded with a 'why'.
Actions done by the One Above, should be received with a 'why not?'.


A fascinating* thought-

Thousands and thousands of years ago, before the expulsion from Spain, before the cotton candy machine was invented, before Albert Einstein bought mousse (err or wished he could), before the raven came tapping, before black and white photos were popular, before the Alter Rebbe was put into jail, before the Wright brothers thought of flying, before my grandfather married my grandmother, before Ka'in killed Hevel, before the Kotel was back in Jewish hands, before anything-before the world was created even! before man was created, before there were fish in the sea and before there even WAS a sea, before all that...Hashem had already Known which color undershirt I would wear today. Fascinating. Completely fascinating.

*interchangeable at times with 'scary' or 'comforting'.



Anonymous said...


lemme guess

its a spandex neon yellow undershirt. right?


Anonymous said...

i think this post is jonathan safran foer-esque.

the sabra said...

anon (defier #1)-no. green. it is bright though.

anon (defier #2)-woah. i thank you. whoever 'you' may be.
but really now-i'm getting paid at least double as much as he is...

defier #2 said...

so you read foer?

i had no idea...

the sabra said...

Undefier#2 (whatever possessed you to drop the anonymity??):

Who said I read his books?

You have no idea bout lots of things. Including how much I paid today for my brand new scissors.

i dont know what to call myself anymore said...
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the sabra said...
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the sabra said...
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the sabra said...
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Avi said...

Maybe actions requested by the One Above for us to do should be received with a why not.

I don't think the Rebbe supported the "why not" attitude with regard to God's actions.


the sabra said...

hmmm nice twist, ur first line

but i dont mean that we should accept golus and tzaros bichlal..but when something happens to u personally, before u cry out in indignation, think for a second if its really SO unfair...u miss ur bus, dont cry 'why me?'...u lose ur money, dont cry 'why me?'
think why not..think hashgocha pratis..think ' i gotta chill out'..

golus-yes, scream and shout 'WHY!??!'

did that make sense to u at all?

rutimizrachi said...

"...before Albert Einstein bought mousse (err or wished he could), before the raven came tapping..."

The humor and music in your writing pleases my ear. That you think deeply, and feel deeply, is a refreshing reminiscence for me. With the chauvinism of age, I will say the usual and expected line: "It seems less common in this generation, than 'back in my day'..."

rutimizrachi said...

Oh, yeah... and it did make sense.

the sabra said...

It intrigues me that you see me as sucha "child". You are the first (blogger) to do so. True that most of my readers know me personally but I've been thought of as sucha wide range of ages and your first comment ever to me was "..a young person". Was it really only the words "you so rock"?

Just interesting to know.
Thanks for your words, they are appreciated :)

rutimizrachi said...

I hope I didn't offend. I certainly don't see you as "such a child." I am basing an assumption on getting acquainted with you -- very quickly (which leaves room for error) -- through your blog postings and through comments from and to others. You remind me of my very smart but youthful sons. You remind me of me, at a younger age. Again, apologies, etc., etc. :-)

the sabra said...

Heh, no need to apologize. I'll take the idealism and innocence of youth for as long as I can, thank you :)

I was simply curious (cuz of the you so rock response) but I guess it makes sense if you read my other posts n comments.

Either way, I'm flattered. (Lama lo?)