Thursday, November 16, 2006

Letting Kids Bee

Tis a bit too long.
Especially for the sabra.
(hmm which animal would that make me be?)
But nice photos. Really nice.
Oh ya, and good message.
Hehe, can't believe I almost forgot to write about that.
The message.
It's a good one.

Watch the clip

(from J.M to mum to me)


alizapleesa said...

yeah chav, real nice. they could have skipped the section where they explain what each represents. i think we "get it", and it wouldn't be quite so lengthy.

message is primo.

i saw a sort of 'companion piece' to this about treating aging parents with respect and kindness. i'll find it and send it to ya iyh.

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Oy I couldnt watch the whole thing, but I watched enough to get the point... Nice

curious said...

why is it okay, for girls and guys to converse here, but to hang out.. hmmm

the sabra said...

ya it was annoyin to watch their explanations. like duhhh.
and ya im waitin for the other clip. (i do hope its MUCH shorter ;) )

chasidishe shaigitz:
ya ya i agree

its not ok for them to converse here, it is only ok to hang out. please tell me which girls and guys you see conversing and i will promptly send them away and out together.

good shabbos :)

remchalamo said...

great but too long... (with my add!)