Friday, November 17, 2006

It's a Sweetbitter Shabbos for me.

When someone refers to something as bittersweet, what do they mean?
They are talking about something that is sweet but tinged by bitterness.
The classic example is of chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate.
It has a slightly bitter taste but one can still taste the sweetness of it.

When someone refers to something as sweetbitter what do they mean?
They are talking about something that is bitter but tinged by sweetness.
The original example is of Parshas Chayei Sarah. Shabbat Chevron.
It has a slightly sweet taste but once can still taste the bitterness of it.

This week, I will not be spending shabbos in chevron.
It is bitter. Strongly bitter.
But I have memories and feelings and photos of years past.
It is sweet. Strongly sweet.
So the sweetness helps to overcome the bitterness.

It's a Sweetbitter Shabbos for me.


(I'm wishing you all the sweetest of shabbosim..not just the sweet-ish* kind...and may we all merit to spend this shabbos together with all of our imahos and avos. Also, can you please say tehillim for Miriam Baila bas Rochel? Thank you.)

17 comments: said...

oysh oysh, my eyes. what r u T H I N K I N G? change back to your original template immediately! or else!

elchonon said...

It was the sabra who said "mach duh eretz yisrael" I dont subscribe to that though.

This is my first year in 4 years not in chevron for shabbos chayei sarah, but I shall not despair because I will be there in 2 and half weeks be'h (of course hashem wants I just need his help!)

And I will be there for chayei sara next year and the year after and the year after!

But on a funny side note that gets me in trouble ALL the time, erev shabbos last year we are driving to chevron and runing late and so by halhoul I said "there's a shortcut straight to chevron from here bypassing k4" so beseder we start driving and driving and driving...

Finally it hit me "oh crap I forgot they closed the road last week because of the shooting (yossi shok hy'd)" so we had to turn around and speed back like nuts.

Then my genius of a friend driving decides that there will be no parking spaces in chevron ?!?!?!

I was betting everything, including my grandmothers pension that there will be but he dont listen! so he parks by the gas station by the exit and we dump all our muktza stuff in the car and walk to chevron where low and behold is 23646 parking spaces!

So the in house joke is "i know a shortcut" and the retort goes "there wont be any parking spaces"

Ani ohev chevron!

the sabra said...

..or else what? HUH? cmon, see if ya can frighten the ol sabra.
on a side note, i am VERY glad that someone agrees with me on the horrendousness of this new color. see, b'eeruch, i wanted to change to the new template but wanted to keep my old colors...ahem ive grown very attached to em...and i thought id have a bissel faith in blogger and their shtuyot and theyd let me keep my colors (its hard for a sabra to change its colors) but alas, my faith has been proven to be worthless for they have failed me. again.

Sniffly yours,

the rebbe was the one who said 'mach duh eretz yisrael'. not me. i subscribe to everything the rebbe says. sometimes they get lost in the mail but hey im subscribed.

as for the rest of your chevron maisos... said...

not telling




but u better hurry and change the colors before u start losing ur devoted blog chassidim

elchonon said...

Sure the rebbe said that and i subscribe to what the rebbe says but that dont mean we can make eretz yisrael here and stay here c'v..

We can make amerika "like" eretz yisrael but the land dont have no kedusha as in eretz yisrael.

Thats like my father "amerika is nisht andresht so nu ?"

Yeah that was regarding to those that said we c'v dont need to keep yidishkeit in amerika.

allthough to some they need not travel to eretz yisrael like the chasid of the besh't who went to the mikva..

Quoting the rebbe in toras menachem chelek alef:

"This winter I went into the rebbe's (friediker rebbe) room and he was deep in thought, he said to me that he wants to travel to eretz yisrael. I said how can we go? we have alot of work here. So the friediker rebbe answerd: Nu, good idea! In his machshava he was allready in eretz yisrael"

But.. and big but.. there is a big diffrence! Meditating alone does not initiate a isarusa delieila (see today's tanya chitas) and meditation will not fullfill most mitzvos.

There is a great ma'aleh of actually living in eretz yisrael, breathing its air, eating its fruit etc.. (not just eating falafel!)

the sabra said...

1. if i will change the colors, it is because I (bold n italic) choose to, not because of some anonymous threatener (err or cuz Blogger lets)
and 2. i care not for my blogger chassidim. ok ill change that to little. i care little for my blogger chassidim.

the sabra said...

no koach to argue

Chaya said...

Hey Chava, Sorry you couldn't go :(. Sux for all of us...but soon...
Thanks for the tehillim mention.
Shavua tov metuka

wandering said...

Ah. I feel for you. We are supposed to bring Israel here, but that doesnt mean that we don't miss the real thing. Man, my heart hurts when I think of it. Next year in Chevron Gd willing...

Pragmatician said...

bittersweet post, isn't it?

Shaina said...

I have the best memories from Chevron shabbat chayei Sara!!!!
Oh I miss it so much!!!
I am sorry you all couldnt go this year!!!! :-(
I strongly believe and have faith that next year we will all surely be there!!!!

the sabra said...

ya ya ya ya


eh you tell me

you bet we will. no doubt about it.
do i know you btw?

Shaina said...

I think so.... I was in sem with your first cousin (roomate actually).... Does that make sense????

Avi said...

One doesn't refer to Sweetbitter. There. Settled.

the sabra said...


don't think bout it?

Avi said...

When someone refers to something as sweetbitter what do they mean?

They don't. You do. And you told us what it means. Much obliged.

the sabra said...


(and apparently so do you now :))