Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Important Message from the Yerushalmi Kugel Committee


Anonymous said...

I read that sign like 2 monthes ago and was laughing so hard, I turned to the chasid next to me and in yidish said "vos nuch ? zei vet machen chulent asur ?"

Art said...

Great link!
Keep up the good work, Chava

moish said...

what ?? you didnt know that cholent was a big osur???!!! cant believe you didnt know!!!!oy oy vey

Scraps said...

LOL! Very cute.

Chaya said...
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the sabra said...

hehe. glad we find the same things funny.

good work? advertisin the cholent ban?

please keep us informed of the latest we can mock them ;)

me thinkin the same thing. thats why i linked there.

see ya in the fall?
(and what do they say about happiness being a journey notta destination?)
thanks :)

Avi said...

HAHAHA! Gosh, I miss Monsey. :)Although, it would be significantly funnier if it were a joke. Lol.