Monday, November 06, 2006

"I'm very confident about my insecurities!"

I can't stop thinkin and admirin that line. I absolutely love it, remchalamo.
(twas said in the comments section of this post).
Am Yisrael Chayale!

Another line that I read on a blog this week and still lovin, is from chasidishe shaigitz:
"My mechanic told me, 'I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.'"
(tis from Steven here for cs's post and here for a link with a lot more of his quotes.)

p.s. sababa l'gamrei!


me said...

chav- i hereby annoint you the new hindy.

the sabra said...


i guess those bandits WERE right-i should switch to decaf..cuz i have no idea what you are talkin about.

who are you?

the sabra said...

the closest i can think of mel and the indy (purim..) hehe

afroson said...

Hey about the mechanic story...i know the original one..a guy goes to the doctor
- doctor ,doctor im deaf! i cant even hear my farts...
so the doctor gives him some pills
-oh thank this to make my hearing better?"
-No its to make your farts louder
yea so tell chassidishe sheigetz to get his facts straight

the sabra said...

uh afro kid, i can tell u were born about 2 days ago..

[and if you DARE mention the 'd' word, i will never give you mastig again-and you know what that means (you'll never be able to l'...)]

afroson said...

hey thats not cool cuz im older than you ( so that makes you born yesterday..pff...)
tavi li mastig dai

the sabra said...

listen to me 'yaakov' (hayeet/a rotzeh/ah!),

i was not born yesterday and i am not hairy!

(stomps off and blocks my ears from further 'witty' comments)

afroson said...

(takes out megaphone from pocket to overcome ears coverage) are hairy!!

the sabra said...

its called a telescope, m'dear

(and DEFINITELY no more mastig for you!)

the sabra said...

hehe thanks son
im laughin now as im supposed to be sleeping ahem

Anonymous said...

feh, lo matim lach sabra, ldaber kacha

remchalamo said...

Hey great to hear your humor sonny if that's you!
and oish i'm blushing sabs!

the sabra said...

eh v'mi at/a sh'nirah lech/a sh'echpat li ma at/a choshev/et? derech agav, zeh matim li l'gamrei lidaber kacha.
(kacha? mah kacha? aich dibarti??)

of course thats our sonny. you cant tell by the smell?

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

I'm at a loss of words :o


the sabra said...

chasidishe shaigitz:
dont be. its mr wright's right (ouch).

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Diss-honored ;)

the sabra said...

i like the pun

chava'nik said...

Son, I miss these funny hair days of laffing joking