Friday, November 10, 2006

i think i should have shutupped earlier?

someone has hijacked into my email account and is sending out emails that are NOT FROM ME!!
i dont know who it could be but they write so frighteningly similar to myself that it is no wonder that no one suspects anything.
whats that you just yelled? change the password?
i have, mistalbetim, i have!
but they just keep comin back and figurin it out.
its not fair!
yknow, i do semi-agree with some of what was written, but not EVERYTHING.

bottom line:
those emails i sent were not really from me. embarassment gone.

(good work, sherlock. how'd you think of that? elementary, my dear watson.)

waitta sec, did that change the dynamics of the bottom line? cuz new ones are appearing...


wandering said...

are you kidding? cuz you fooled me...

afroson said...

that means you didnt propose to me. o well

Nemo said...

'Alimentary' not 'elementary'

Don't misquote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle please.

the sabra said...

i was the fool

stay away from the parade

'Elementary' not 'alimentary'

Don't misquote the sabra please.

Avi said...

Crumbling boulders indeed...

the sabra said...

-wicked cackle-