Thursday, November 09, 2006

...and G-d laughs and laughs

o the joy
ha ha ha
the gay parade has been cancelled
ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha


alizapleesa said...

yippee kayo kayay!

that is great news! woo woo!

i'm thrilled i'm happy i 'm excited i'm gleeful i'm ecstatic i'm delighted i'!!

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Umm the middle finger was intentional right? ;)

Anonymous said...

no its actually very sad.. read nadia meitars article on this. they can riot over the gay parade ad cancel it but had they rioted over gush they coulda stopped the girush.

Chaya said...

It wasn't the government that canceled the parade, therefore you cannot use this as proof that Gush Katif would've been canceled (plus there was a lot of rioting for Gush Katif)
Anyhow, why sadden this awesome event? CELEBRATE!!

Anonymous said...

rioting for gush katif ?!? PLEASE... sure we rioted a few nights before the girush and you shoulda seen the "rabbi's" screaming at us to stop.

What we see here is violence, not on the fringe.. and clearly acceptable violence in the charedi circles.

it A: showes that if the chareidim had full scale rioted then who knows what woulda happend by gush ? and B: that the religios zionist nudnicks need to wake up and say "hey violence does pay"

Chilul hashem? naw a chilul hashem is when jews allows homo's to parade thrue yerushalayim ir hakodesh, a chilul hashem is when jews get dragged from their homes and shull's and do not fight.

Fact stands that there are rockets raining down on sedorot, the army is fighting in gaza and the country is messed up more then ever....

And if only anyone had listend and rioted with us...

i'd be sitting on the beach in gush katif with a martini in my hand!

the sabra said...

ur the first person i thought of when i read that. and re ur gay comment at the end..i myself wrote that as title 'im gay' but epes i didnt like it so much ;)


anon, chaya and anon-fight it out urselves.




Dovid said...

Anon, i love the perspective you put on this. I wish you had chosen a name, so i can quote you, but either way, I think I'm going to write a post on my own blog with this new perspective. Thank you.

Chaya said...

Anonymous: There is a problem with ur theory. The chareidim who are rioting now don't believe that we have a right to the State of Israel. So they weren't about to protest for Gush Katif.
And I personally know many people who were arrested for protesting for Gush Katif, but the truth is that I can't talk cuz I wasn't there then, and I'm not there now.
My point was not that we did enough by Gush Katif, because I know that we didn't. The point was that when something on the more positive side comes up, why bring up negative?
Why can't we just take one issue at a time? I think we should be happy about the canceled parade, rather than be bitter about last year.

afroson said...

to sabra:
meforash on cs comment:
you wrote five lines on the post...the midd line is the calling off the gay parade
get it..midd finger?

gosh mah kara lach fatmale

the sabra said...

why bring up the negative, you ask?
so we can learn from it.

and its impossible to say 'had we rioted by gk, it coulda been saved'.
who knows?
even the statement bout 100,000 people comin-who can be so sure.
look at the utter hashgocha pratis of barely anyone showing up.

p.s. i hate this golus.
smatter of fact, i hate all the golius, but why bring up past negatives? ;)

the sabra said...

hey fatma, careful.

ya thats what i figured, just it seemed a bit weird to think of that.

nu nu who am i to start figurin out the thinkin patterns of a shaigitz?

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of eli and made a remark about your tie 2 weeks ago in CH near 770.

The chareidim dont believe in medinat yisrael the same way the lubavitcher rebbe did not believe in zionism nu? ok he did have another prospective on it (pikuach nefesh, nachalateinu / yerushateinu)

I have a GIANT poster in my room in jerusalenm it says "48 kevarim, 60? shulls etc.. kol mi she'eno moche.. shutaf {anyone that does not cry out is a partner}

We appeald to the chareidim "look, screw the yishuvim etc.. and the mitnachalim.. but hey we are both enemies of the same enemy so nu chap arein! they want to dig up kevarim and mechalel batei kenesiyot.."

The problem was on part of the right wing that kept denouncing the violence. I was at a few road blockings before the girush at tzomat bar ilan and shmuel hanavi and trust me chareidim are good when they want to be.

Why bring up the past ? torah and judaism is about history and corecting past wrongs. or you can be lehavdil like the momzer apikores shimon peres "why learn from history ? there is nothing to learn!"

Here is one more proof that violence in fact works!

*I have been vindicated YAY*


The problem with no one showing up was only a minor detail. Had you had road blockings, tire slashings and serious pushings to gush (unlike kfar meimon BS or a kikar rabin rally 250,000 before the girush.

And even if that hadent happend... and I know because I was there when we worked out these numbers before the girush (nada meitar, moshe leshem {gamla} and others)

If 10,000 had been arrested it would have stopped!

But ok beseder lo norah.. now there was say 4,000 shevachim in gush.. if they had seriously rioted ok like burn muwasi down and whatnot.. it woulda stopped the girush...

Again the issue is that both the right should have rioted and here is proof and also i'm still upset at the chareidim.

AND they owe us (right wing extremists) because we fight for em all the time (allthough its for us as well!)

Intresting to note that since amona there has not been any pinuyim besides a minor chevron one..

Lesson for the future! see you at skully's farm or chavat maon or yitzhar ma'arav.

Dovid said...

Ahhh... da man himself.

anonym00kie said...

"Here is one more proof that violence in fact works! "

what a horrible, painful, disturbing statement to read..
i dont want to discuss or argue or debate ..
i just want to be sad, cuz thats all this elicits in me..

Chaya said...

anonym00kie-i agree with u
its horrible
about the chareidim-a lot of them r pro-palestinian
the reason i said why bring up the past is because in my eyes, these are too unrelated events. The Chareidim of Geula and Maya Shurim weren't interested in preventing the girush-they support the other side. That's why they wouldn't protest. Its foolish to bring up shouldve and wouldve and couldves if they arent realistic

Anonymous said...

First of all, only a few crackheads like neturei karta are pro pali and besides considering the sad state of the state of israel i'd be pro pali too if I was chareidi.

I never sanctioned violence against others... the chareidim were burning garbage cans in their neighberhoods (we do that alot when the sanitation is on strike)

You have a problem with violence ? do you not have what you believe in and will fight for ? or is everything not important to you.

Will you fight the man who tries to take your kids ? or the man that tries to asault you?

If your a man, will you fight the man that tries to asault your wife ?

You oppose violence at all costs eh ? but see what happens is if you play by the book's your screwd because the putz's that wrote the books dont live by those rules.

Yochanan cohen gadol spilled the water on his feet and know what the jews did ? they stoned him to death with their esrogim.

Violence is bad eh ? maybe you want to spit on the memory of the warsaw ghetto fighters.....

Now as long as you sit in chutz l'aaretz cherishing nothing and praying to the dollar you will never understand what we fight for.

Because jerusalem is my wife and they were attempting to asault her.

anonym00kie said...

i fight for jews to get closerd to G-d and Torah, and i do it through love and compassion, not burning garbage cans and throwing rocks.

and this has nothing to do with living in Israel - its about violence - anywhere

Anonymous said...

Thats flawd i'm sorry to say, this has nothing to do with bringing jews closer to judaism. It has to do with clear and open BLASPHEMY!!A abomination!! Dont fool yourself and blind yourself with colored sunglases! homosexuality is giluy arayos! you can much easier convert to islam c'v.

Alas we have a sanhedrin though its authority is vastly disputed / doubted. Nonetheless they can halachikaly stone the fags.. I kid you not.

Where does that leave us ? oh so sorry but there is no such thing as dina demalchusa dina in eretz yisrael see the "Ran" regarding this.

Destroying public property? chilul hashem? uhhhh

Get your priorty's straight, it has everything to do with eretz yisrael and faggots marching in yerushalayim ir hakodesh, heck didja know its asur to raise pigs in eretz yisrael? throw the pigs into the ocean.

Mivtzoim? so sorry but this has nothing to do with that, and this isnt something as small as chilul shabbos.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes violence is counter productive..

It works for the pali's

It worked for the irish

It worked for irgun and lechi, learn your history because haganah did jack squat.

It worked for the russians in 1917.

It worked for the blacks.

It worked for every baltic state out there.

It worked for the colonists fighting the US revolution.

It worked for castro and cuba.

It worked for china.

It worked for mouhamad and his religious of piss.

It worked for bar kochva till he sinned and was killed.

It worked for the warsaw ghetto fighter for 2 weeks... imagine if they had 10 uprisings like that ?

*NEWSFLASH* in many cases violence DOES pay!

anonym00kie said...

so you equate "violence" in the warsaw ghetto uprising, against nazis, to violence against non- religious jews?

i guess we see where the root to our different perspectives lies..

and btw, a smack from a husband to his wife or a rebbe to his student will also 'get the job done'.. maybe we should promote that kind of behavior too..

Anonymous said...


oh heck yes I promote a rebbe smacking his student and a father hitting his kid. g-d forbid a husband hitting his wife!

See gemara makos, there is whole halachot regarding a father that hit his son / teacher hit student that died and they have to go to arei miklat.

What non religious jews ? fags from all over the world flock to jerusalem to spit on our holy city hence "the international pride parade"

The last international gay parade was 2000 in rome.

But every country has banned it since.

Only in jerusalem!

And pinchas stabbed and killed zimri...


sab said...

yesh b'zeh mashehu

Chaya said...

We can argue. We can fight. We can get violent with our words. We can attempt to force our values on others. We can change the past.

Which of the above statements does not fit?

Anonymous said...

"We can change the past" Chasidus teaches that this can be acomplished by changing, by taking the past and implemanting it into the future to corect our wrongs and not commit the same mistakes.

My uncle simcha says "there's no mistakes, they are lessons for the future.. but if you keep doing em again and again your just a moron"

I'm not forcing my values on anyone, these are hashem's values! and its eretz yisrael "bertzono natla mihem venasana lanu" hashem chose to take it from them and give it to us...

But... im lo sishmau.. if you do not listen, the torah warns "the land will spit you forth" ... and a whole long list of many colorfull and intresting curses that g-d forbid should ever happen to us.

Hey but see i'm no doomsayer... i'm just repeating what the torah says and in particular what the Rebbe echoed thousands of times..

I personally think that this gay parade was possibaly rolling into the last straw of avoda zara / giluy arayos and chilul hashem that hashem is going to tolerate in eretz yisrael..

You cannot justify remaining idle with the line of "lets not fight" i'm sorry thats against torah and upholding kedushas eretz yisrael. that comes from your yetzer harah..

How about yochanan the son of matisyahu cohen gadol who stabbed and killed a general nikanor who was sent by antiyouches of greece to conquer the beit hamikdash.. Not being satisfied to carry out the king's peaceful laws, he immediately built an altar on which he sacrificed a pig, spreading its blood on all that was holy to the Jews.

And on and on and on..

chaya said...

You're talking about Jews against their (non-Jewish) enemies. See any difference?

Anonymous said...

So ? how much more so if jews do something and we allow it.

The gay parade is the same as slaughtering a pig on the mizbeach..

chaya said...

I dont think its the same. but it's still Jew against Jew. I think we have to treat these Jews as our brothers who have gone astray, NOT as our people who will always and forever be our enemies.
Like Davis Hamelech-we have to turn our "enemies" into our friends.
As much as we don't agree, violence isnt always the only answer

Anonymous said...

Again your missing the point!!! this is a open and straightout mechalel and metameh of yerushalayim!!

The rebbe would never have allowed chasidim to allow this to proceed..

So we can now alot people to do whatever they want and label it "ahavas yisrael"?

Chaya said...

We can't allow it. We agree on that point.
I just don;t think that blood should flow down the streets of our holiest city.
I taught Hebrew School today. We spoke about Chorban Bayis sheini. How could Hashem let that happen?
Hashem love us, His children. He wants us to get along. When He sees us opposing one another, and hurting each other, He's hurt. He can't bear to see us that way, so He leaves.

Anonymous said...

Thats not true that bayis sheini was destroyed solely due to sinas chinam.. and besides bayis rishon was destroyed because they worshipped idols and desecrated the beis hamikdash.. uma od ?

I never implied bloodshed and you should know and no joke whatsoever.. that if i did c'v imply such a thing the shabak will grab me the second i land in israel and lock me away for years..

I was just saying that I support the chareidy violence.

Chaya said...

What does chareidi violence imply?

Anonymous said...

What they did for a week...

Block traffic, burn things etc... sure they threw rocks but thats hardly "bloodshed"

Chaya said...

Blocking traffic didn't cause the cancellation. The only "violence" that could've led to canceling the parade would've been fear of injury-hence, bloodshed.

Avi said...

Right I don't have to read the rest of the comments? Right.

Gay parades are as uncalled for in NY and San Fran as they are in Jerusalem.
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you're "happy" and you know it, go home and celebrate. Why do I gotta hear all about it? And the Speedos! Why God, why?