Sunday, October 22, 2006

uh math problems?

"Well ok, maybe it wasn't a MAJORITY of them, but it was definitely at least half."


Nemo said...

Good one!

Pimplesoflife said...


revelation said...

true it only took me twice

Anonymous said...

ha tchooooo

xcuse me

i've got the feeling the great sabra will be adding word verification very very soon... or else she'll be inundated by those "anonymous" commenters selling everything from goose hairs to goose bumps :-)


Pragmatician said...

oh I hate math, even now

Chaya said...

great line

remchalamo said...

That took a few times of reading...ok i'll deal with my slowness!

wandering said...

ok tell us about the wedding now. sorry if that was a breach of proper blog etiquette.

Dovid said...

Hello? What happened here? You aren't quitting, are you?

the sabra said...

nemo-thanks. was said by accident lol.
pimples-uh what is?
anonymous-thanks for the brilliance, einstein.
prag-i hear that one more time and you have to copy pages 26-34 for tomorrow.
chaya-uh thanks and it was even by mistake, check that out
rem-love ya anyhow
wandering-it was and you knew it, so why aggravate me? ("ur being annoying" "i know" "so stop it" "no, i LIKE being annoying")
dovid-sabras never quit

wandering said...

hey how did you know I would say that? I actually DO like annoying you ;).