Wednesday, October 18, 2006

two stupid people

moshe and willie
both are terrible for business and both have been doing it for years so I don't know why they haven't picked up anything useful.
both are incredibly dumb in their thought, speech and action.
two stupid people
but i dont want to talk badly of moshe-he's a jew.
i love him, he's a jew.
he has a neshama, hashem should shower countless blessings upon him and his family and i hope he will always be happy. (ignorance is bliss....)
but willie
oy willie
that guy must be doing it on purpose
i mean, really now
ach my heart aches for the stupidity borne, i cannot speak of it
suffice it to say that i chewed the receipt i got from him so any stupid things i do in the future, can be blamed on him (ki hanefesh habasar badam hoo)
stupid willie
stupid stupid willie


Greg said...

Whoa, whoa, wait up...So because "Moshe" is Jewish it's ok for him to do what he likes? Is that the point you're making?

And "ignorance is bliss....)" Only for Jews, though, right?

wandering said...

is it about your gown? Stupid Willie!

Greg said...

wandering: 1. where abouts are you wandering? 2. I have no clue what you just wrote.

the sabra said...

hehe esty ur just too brilliant for me, i love you.

greg, im not excusing his sloppy and STUPID behavior on the basis of his being jewish. rather, i shant curse him out.

i didnt get ur comment bout ignorance being bliss

yom tov to us all :)

revelation said...

i sense alot of built of resentment and i dont blame you those things could get pretty frustrating at least its for a good cause...what do you need from manhattan?

the sabra said...

'wandering', tell 'revelation' the rules of the game please

(yknow, how i have an email address and phone number...)

still packing said...

punch willlie in the nose from me and ask moshe for a quarter

the sabra said...

hehehehe, you totally made my day. ill try to think bout this next time i get really frustrated(/sense a tantrum coming)

the sabra said...

i cant believe it-the shviger* wants to know why i should ask moshe for a quarter. uh hello?? does 25 cent candy/pistachio nuts machines ring any bells??

*shvigs is also upset that i mentioned her going in the shower. should i give her a bowl of soup to pacify her?

hehe 'pacify her' sounds like the english dummy ;)

Greg said...

sabra: you said, regarding Moshe and his stupidity: "ingnorance is bliss." I was just wondering if that, too, applies to Jews only. My point, I guess, is that in my opinion, we're not any better than anyone else. Sure we have a mission on this earth: to enlighten others by acting in a certain way. But the Torah makes it clear that we're in no way "better" than anyone else.

mom-in-law said...

bowl of soup? huh?

the sabra said...

greg: lemme clarify. first of all, the ignorance is bliss comment of mine was referring to my feverent hope that he will have a happy life (even though i get so frustrated with him) and in case u were wondering how he can be so happy well, everyone knows that ignorance is bliss.
makes a bit more sense now or not at all?

secondly, no, jews cannot be 'ignorant'. we must learn. if we dont learn, then how can we do what we must? ignorance is not ok.

thirdly, where does the torah make it clear that jews are not "better"?

mom-in-law: shvigeeeeeeeeeehr can you pass me a bowl of soup? (insert proper whine)

mindless cravings said...

100% agree with u sabs, willie does funny things, and besides hes a ho..

the sabra said...

you bet (i will refrain from mentioning the two thousand girls standin outside his door hehe)

the bag lady said...

you forgot to tell the shvig its a bowl of nutritious VEG soup.
and please let greg know that Jews are definetly better ( maybe not better in spelling) ki bunu bucharta, v'osanu kidashta mikol huamim

anonym00kie said...


Greg said...

the bag lady: I'm sorry to be so blunt but the thing about Jews being better than everyone else is your personal misinterpretation of halacha. Whatever...people like you will never get it. You guys will always claim you're better than anyone else. Why? Because G-d has a covenant with us? That only means we're supposed to serve as an example to the Nations, encouraging them and enlightening them, if you will.

Your statement illustrates a degree of ignorance and intolerance.

Greg said...

the sabra: "secondly, no, jews cannot be 'ignorant'." Yeah...ok. And I bet you've yet to hear of a Jew commiting a crime or doing anything bad for that matter.

Greg said...

folks: I think I overeacted. I should have(as I usually do) pondered your responses a couple of days before levelling any accusations. My apology to those involved.

the sabra said...

'jews cannot be ignorant' means 'jews are not allowed to be ignorant. they are forbidden to be ignorant'. '

cannot' does not mean 'impossible' here.

avi said...

Oy Gregitch'ke... It's gonna be ok...

the sabra said...