Sunday, October 29, 2006

some of the motley lines that walked through it-

.....Is it his low self esteem that's causing the irritation? Or is it my pride?

.....Do they realize that I don't care one bit about them? Probably not. They think so highly of themselves and their dumb opinions. Ha. I'm gloatin. I know its not nice but they'll never know. Ha.

.....All the words have been taken. All the phrases bought. It leaves me frowning.

...So how does it work? The mature mature and the rest watch? Should kindergarten teachers not substitute for psychics? (Will I forever live alone on this island? Will company sink it?)

.....Momentizing the moment took too much marathoning. I let it go.

.....And as the space got smaller and smaller, my heart got squeezed tighter and tighter until finally the space was gone-and at that moment my emotions were too. (a tear trickles)

.....Norim kosit. Norim kosit should be all the day, all the way. So why didn't they?

.....The hearts broke-from sadness, and some from joy. But the joyous ones didn't realize the sadness of it all, and the ones feeling sad didn't realize they should be rejoicing.

.....You might be prettier outside, and you are, but I might be prettier inside, and I am.

.....She stood on the dam. So close to the water, so very close. She knew she should leave or just let the waters go. Pick one already. But she stood strong, and locked the waters away. Everytime. Good for her.

.....And then suddenly, with prior warning, the smells of Israel gathered and rushed towards me, makin me feel faint. I stood there, weak in the face of such bravery and courage. Such loyalty, such dedication. The sand was all about; desert, desert. The flag did a furious dance and never moved. And the face. O the face. Hard and thoughtful, soft and sensitive. Experienced and aged, naive and young. The face. I felt my insides tangling up. Or, where they finally untangling?

.....You look at me. You look at her. You whisper. You nod. You comment. You have no idea what you are talking about. Not about her and not about me. You have no idea. None. So be quiet, please. Be quiet. And take your admiration elsewhere. Thank you.

.....Ah she was so perfect, so unreal. Her dress, her ankles. Her walk, her lips. Her pose her purse. Ah. And the perfect husband. Ahhhh the envy. I looked inside her perfect purse. Oh. A perfectly folded funeral notice. Oh.

[I want to write more, to remember, but I've arrived too late for that, mad hatter]


Sara with NO H said...

quick...switch seats

the sabra said...


Sara with NO H said...

The mad hatter!

confused said...

what happened

the sabra said...

sara bli h, im warmed how people take the most minute slice of my mind and focus on that. for real.

and confused, clarify ur question please.
you leave me,


Sara with NO H said...

The end of your post was a quote. -The mad Hatter. If you ever saw Alice and Wonderland, then you know that when Alice goes to the tea party by the Mad Hatter, they switch seats tons of times and Alice never gets to sip her tea. That's what I meant. Sorry to confuse you. Sorry for focusing just on that, but it's what stood out for me.

Anonymous said...

What stood out to me was the last quote, with the folded funeral notice. i don't get it. who's funeral? or it doesnt matter?

the sabra said...

sara-hey i said no worries. i like how a different something stands out for everyone all the time. the truth is that the mad hatter reference had absolutely zero to do with my post, it just popped in randomly.

anonymous-it doesnt matter. there was no funeral notice. i never looked into her purse. rather i saw this 'perfect' woman walkin with her 'perfect' husband and i know that noone and nothing can be perfect so i imagined something up. kinda by accident if ya know what i mean.

revelation said...

are these excerpts from your journal?

the sabra said...

the journal in my head, yes.
this blog is my journal, yknow.

the sabra said...

yknow i wish youd all understand these

Avi said...

I find it fascinating that people try to understand... that seems to be the first step towards confusion...

the sabra said...

ye i know. i am eternally befuddled (hehe) as to why ppl come back to read this blog.

and also, sheteidah, that every time i see in my inbox some other random post u commented on, my heart skips a beat. its so pulse-fluttering and exciting (boring word) that s/o is going thru archives of my life. and even more wondrous is that u didn't get scared away/weirded out yet.
its utterly flatteracious. (hey why is blogger telling me that its misspelled?)

so thanks.