Monday, October 16, 2006

Schools to Mark 20 Years Since Ron Arad Fell Captive

The nation’s public schools will address the upcoming 20th anniversary of Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad falling into captivity.

Arad’s plane went down over Lebanon in October 1986, and he has remained in captivity since.

On Sunday, members of Arad’s air force class protested in Jerusalem, calling on the government to do what is necessary to obtain his release, specifying that Arad must be included in any and all future prisoner release agreements.



Anonymous said...

Yea yea... and in 20 years they will still be doing the same.

A sleeping nation that keeps electing the same pathetic losers.

And at the rate they are going with shalit, goldwaser etc.. we will be doing the same for them in 20 years..

And pollard will never get outta jail either.

And federman will probably wind up back in jail...

And the winepicker will probably get 10 years in jail..

the sabra said...

tracht gut vet zein gut

Anonymous said... you quote me eh ?

To quote the sabra "hope for the best.. expect the worse"

As long as this country is busy locking up jews in jail.. they wont spend time geting jews out.

Everyday multiple times per day I find myself talking to friends who are at courts, police stations or lawyers for the craziest stuff..

One of my closest families here in israel is the meidad's in beit hadasah. Zangy (shmuel) is the head of choneinu, I ate there simchas torah and trust me, you dont want to hear the horor stories he tells.

We can daven and protest.. but the sad part is that the goverment does not give a fart.

The only case the goverment would do something is, if it would boost olmert's ratings....

Greg said...

I'm on the same page as anonymous, though the "arresting Jews" thing sounds like a typical Kach slogan as does the "Federman back in jail" rant.

Anyhow, the government here is an appeasement gov. with Arab MK's, Commie/Traitor(Hadash) MK's, Meretz-Yachad MK's, one-Shimon, ex-union head(I won't finish this list and I don't have the time).

And, this government will do nothing to return neither Israel's missing soldiers, nor Pollard.

Gonna take a trip to America and see what George Jr. is up to...

בתקווה,מי,מיסלף,אנד אי

Anonymous said...

Howdja know I was a kahanist ?
But I am a fairly normal kahanist / chabadnik hehe but actually I happen to be close friends with noam and elisheva federman and their kids and it really hurts seeing him in jail and the kids without their father.

Greg said...

anonymous: as far as I care, most "Kahanists" are simply loyal Zionists. I, myself,am sad to see Noam treated the way he has been. The Shabak keep their eyes and ears open as you well know but honestly, I couldn't care less, considering the fact that they don't see me, nor have reason to see me as a physical threat to anyone.

I would suggest you resist the urge to mention any names online. I don't know you personally but am pretty sure our friends are just waiting for a good opportunity to hurt you and those who follow the teachings of Rav Meir Kahane(H"YD)

All the best, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Shabak / police have a 6 inch file on me.. if i walk down the street they know it..

They dont scare me and I have been arrested many times.

Greg said...


and where has this gotten you? Do you think you've helped the Zionist cause by getting in trouble with Israeli law enforcement? I mean, even if you feel you're doing the right thing, you're helpless when it comes to bringing about any real change. That's a big reason I quit Kach. No offense(really) but I feel Kach activists today are not acting in the spirit Rav Meir Kahane(H"YD) inspired. They have no respect for those who disagree with them and their methods are simply disgraceful.

Again, I'm not saying all this applies to you. Every individual is a separate story. But I would encourage you strongly to look into what you're doing and ask yourself: "Am I helping the cause I believe in with my actions?"

Anonymous said...

That does not apply to me AT ALL!!
I am the most level headed kahanist out there and even back in my wild days I was still very level headed...

I was actually just with the kahanist crew at kikar shabbat protesting against the gay parade. Marzel, ben gvir, federman etc.. were there.

Truth is / was that I became a kahanist by default.. these were just the only people fighting for eretz yisrael, toras yisrael and am yisrael..

I got involved with the kahanists in miami / ny over 7 years ago (I was 14)

It just seems to be that the only ones that care about anything are usualy either kahanists or chabadnikim. I'm a chabadnik who is a kahanist by default.

The stupidest things I have done to get arrested were A: calling a cop a moron (insulting a public official) B: fighting with the cops 3 years ago when they tried confinscating my kahane flag which according to the court is legal..

Both cases as in all of my cases I was eventualy released with no charges filed.

The facts stand! the founder of the hilltop movement nati ozeri hy'd was one of the rav's biggest students..

Just because a few guys do stupid stuff dont mean nada.. Rav kahane wrote 11 books plus a whole perush on the tanach and there are 4 books of his keneset transcripts.

Anyone who attacks kahane is plainly ignrant and any body who acts like a perah odem (vilde chaya) is no kahanist!

And chabadnikim have a very short memory.. But I can name you 2 CLEAR instances where kahane stood up in the keneset and defended the rebbe.

Most notably in the famous keneset vote of mi hu yehudi when kahane cursed out shulamit aloni who insulted the rebbe and kahane was eventualy kicked out of the vote.

Kahane was the ONLY one that stoof strong on that vote and later said that the reason shas was not active was because shach headed shas and shach hates chabad.

Yalla b'sach hakol lo echpat li ma sh'kulam choshvim. Obviusly I no longer fight with the cops over something like a kahane flag or tshirt and y'know but b'derech klal its a long battle and there are very few who will actually get off their tush.

Greg said...

anonymous: you may be the most level-headed "kahanist" out there but believe me, hanging out with wackos/fanatics such as Itomar, Baruch and Noam will not get you far. If you want to be effective, if you want to contribute to the revisionist Zionist movement headed by the likes of Natan Sharansky, Efi Eitam, and Benny Alon, I suggest you stay away from these people.

Of course, in the end, you choose what you do. My part is to discourage you from interacting with fanatics. Their views are not only blatantly racist, they post a real and present danger to our retaining as much as possible of eretz Yisrael.

I was not far from where you happen to be a few years back. Actually meeting Arab students and talking to them face-to-face made me realize it would be a crime to transfer them from "Greater Israel". I realized the principles Kach tries to embed in Israeli society are not those I can associate with.

In the beginning of his political career, Rav Kahane preached Jewish pride, Jewish values, and settlement throughout Yesha. Towards the end of his life, he got carried away, in part due to pressure from the far-left.