Thursday, October 12, 2006


ec·ze·ma (ks-m, gz-, g-z-)
[according to]

-Is an acute or chronic noncontagious inflammation of the skin, characterized chiefly by redness, itching, and the outbreak of lesions that may discharge serous matter and become encrusted and scaly.

eczema (egzamuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
[according to chava dot klum]

1. upgrades chicken salad prep from kibbud eim to mesiras nefesh (with a dash of ahavas YISROEL involved)
2. makes yer fingers get caught on nylon (even if ye careful)
3. makes yer fingers feel like there are band-aids permanently wound around em
(though ull still need em)
4. hurts. both the unwilling owner and anyone in a 32 mile (hearing) radius (believe me on this one)
5. freaks people out (nhehehe)
6. is both dangerous (for soft baby skin) and delightful (on soft baby skin) when holding a baby. (unless of course, the baby is sadistic and thus it would be dangerous for you and delightful for the baby)
7. makes me glad and grateful for my ten fingers (baruch hashem!)
8. is great for scratching that itch..or itchin that scratch (dee-im thinkin of you and a certain show...i dunno if u even read this blog, but regardless..)
9. causes me to reconsider the benefits and evils of herbal savvy (choke!)
10. is something i wish upon my worst enemy (huh? whats a best enemy?)
11. makes ichy sounds when rubbed across certain surfaces/materials
12. should not be worn when holding golf clubs (even mini ones)
13. is slightly relieved when pushing katch's stroller (vs groissa sheina's)
14. is scaring gmail who is consequently offering me,, and (how sweet of em..just warning you- I do not endorse any of these websites, so dont come crying to me later...)
15. has no cure (az stom et peh v'al tatchilu im ha'eitzot shelachem, bseder??)
16. can be cured by aytan's dead sea products (wanna make a bet?)
17. has nothing to do with why, lately, i havent been writing on my blog. (myyyyyyyyyyyyy blog!)


pint-sized said...

Just to say chag sameach, and good yomtov. I can only imagine the simcha one experiences in israel on Simchat Torah :)

Anonymous said...

uhhhh now i am scared and freaked!!

I better stay far away from you!

What will you trade me for a blue "minhelet ma'arat hamachpela shirt" and a white chevron m'az uletamid "sadran" shirt ?
Brand new..

*whicked laugh*

mama said...

how about staying away from keyboard keys....

mom said...

and anon. yeah good idea

Anonymous said...

Fair enough mom...

*Stays away from the sabra*

Anonymous said...

it also comes apparently from being stressed...although i suffer and i don't feel stressed...and the homeopath lady sed that it will go away if i take vitamin B!!! wat a liar!!

the sabra said...

someone obviously doesn't know what 'staying away' means.

thanks pintsized-chag sameach to you as well!
and yes, the simcha in eretz yisrael on sukkos is nearly unbelievable. (if you get a chance-come to chevron. ma'aras hamachpeila redefines rejoicing with the torah)
There is way more ahavat yisroel during this time, as well.
(if its any comfort, im typing now from america)

dee/skanch said...

Chava, I feel so honored to have my name mentioned on your blog! Although I never comment I read your blog all the time (especially when work gets boring... which happens way too often!). I really miss you and you should visit sometime (soon!) and tfs on the eczema ;)

the sabra said...

heyyyyyyy my skanch!!! i dont believe it!! (deep breath) nice to know that you read this mishugenah i feel all the more connected :)

(o and dont count on me comin too soon ;) )

revelation said...

feel better....

wandering said...

ah well maybe it DOES have something to do with why I havent heard from you in days and days? too busy itching? ;)