Tuesday, October 31, 2006

לך לך

And I took the easy way out.
I went to Elon Moreh and smiled smug.
Not this time, I hope.
Smug is no match for real satisfact.
For real change.
For real live leaving and learning, going and doing.

I'm as Abraham as you are, let's get packin.



ellie said...

What a fabulously unique take on the parsha fun di vuch. It's nice to be able to um, try and interpret a dvar torah from a blog.

Shame, i have a great Calvin and Hobbes book, i would have brought it to the Shtus Box if i knew you liked it.

Nemo said...


Calvin and Hobbes is Chassidus!

Newlyweds said...

so how come no mention of the holy best ones?

anonym00kie said...

i think i may have possibly potentially perhaps maybe understood this one.. and if i did, i really liked!
if i didnt..i probably wasnt meant to, but i liked what i got nonetheless...

the sabra said...

o good :) bh. what did u learn from it anonymook, if i may ask?
I thought it was pretty self understood. I'm tryin so hard to not be cryptic anymore. gosh i even added pictures to make it easier ;)

ellie, unique? uh not really. u bein sarcastic?
and ya tis a shame but I (kinda) agree with nemo-tis not shtus material but its definitely not chassidus. hmm chassidus chava maybe. (does anyone see the resemblance?)

newlyweds, now would be an EXCELLENT time to pipe.

Nemo said...

The Chatan quit and became Newlywed- how cute!

Dovid said...

Finally a post we can all appreciate!

Smug seems more secure than satisfaction, don't you think?

the sabra said...

Nope, not at all.
Smugness wears off while true satisfaction that comes from doing something true, will last eternally. As truth has a tendency to do.

somethin like that..

Dovid said...

I disagree. Smugness comes from narrow-mindedness, which secures you for life. As they say, a shoteh has no worries.

Satisfaction comes from victory. But that victory says nothing about other battles or even a repeat of that very battle.

the sabra said...

But each victory will only carry you on further. Help you reach heigher peaks.
One cannot remain narrow minded for life. Well on second thought, some humankind has already proved me wrong.
But I stand with what i said earlier-true satisfaction which is a result of doin the 'right' thing is so much more secure.

actually, maybe you're right. maybe ignorance IS bliss.

the sabra said...


ha ha ha on me