Sunday, September 03, 2006

where exactly does pete fit into all this?

Tal is back (or is it that I am?) and Gis is scared I'm gonna run off with him. Ha. As if.

For her, I'll wake up early.
(as im typing online in these typically boringly muggle sleeping hours)
For him, I'll consider buying a new tzmid.
(only cuz the old one snapped..and he asked if it was insured..cmon how desperate)
For her, I'll eat mishuleshas..even at 2 in the mornin
(o wait, they're closed lichatchila ariber!)
For them, I'll say Rashi through closed eyes afilu.
(Ach its for all of us, who am i fooling?)
For her, I'll deal with the proud chareidi and his mamosh yaffe trays
(blah it wasn't even my money or my ben yehuda errand)
For her, I'll shlichutate in Bolivia.
(with a happy heart and a fearless face)
For her, I'll take it out when she's around.
(even though i think its cute!)
For him, I'll go through the inyan-chapper.
(only cuz sonny advised..and 'hot stuff''s mother asked)
For her, I'll brave the dazzle of the negrin.
(she did alot more for me, and even i can admit that)
For him, I'll wish a goodbye and goodluck from both of us.
(though i know its hard for him, for her and for myself)
For her, I'll spend precious money on chocolate bakery croissants.
(refreshing to get a thank you only from her and not the rest of em)
For them, I'll do my best to shutup when they come.
(apparently it wasnt enough for half of them)
For us, I'll forget the times, the heat, the coming late, the busses, the waiting...
(o theres more, plenty more..but i said i'd forget em)
For him, I'll make aliyah!
(well that doesn't really make sense but he DID say that was the only thing we can to pay him back and boy does he deserve it!)
For her, I'll weather the bathroom excursions, the house arrest, the shriki temptation and the ice cream with a toothpick and silverfoil.
(and noch i thought i was gettin rewarded and in the end i got stranded)
For her, I'll lie.
(woah woah)
For him, I'll keep silent when I see them walking down King George.
(ya well that wasn't completely by choice)
For her, I'll try to be good.
(I love her too much to be selfish)

I was about to ask Him what He's gonna do back for us in return but then I remembered that every last thing He does is good.

Don't needa enumerate, don't needa make lists and count points.
Bless for the bad like you bless for the good.
Baruch Dayan Ha'emet.

Ach but cant You just carry our all Your good in an open way?


Nemo said...

Are you smoking something?

Or perhaps tripping on some funny falafels?

chanie said...

She's going crazy in the wee hours of the morning.
(Ach, so am what?)

mom said...

nemo, yes its called is-ra-el,
( chav dont be upset)

Michal said...

Thanks for the tray.
I love it, even though we're only 4 and it's meant for a family of 10.
Hot stuff still hasn't asked about you. Maybe I'll remind him tomorrow

the sabra said...

no idea what you're talking about

uh thanks for the prognosis doc but im NOT goin crazy...(i've been like this since day 1)

i was not in is-ra-el when i wrote this actually. (mum, please be upset. staaaaaaaaaaaaaam)

oysh i forgot you might read this! i gotta be careful what i say now..and which pictures i post hehe. o and now you gonna think im gonna write my whole long thank you megillah here just so you can read it, but believe me it has been swimmin around my head for about a month now. in other words you guys are the best..even if hot stuff forgets me..

wandering said...

I know you hate when I ask you to explain things on your blog... but I think I can get like every OTHER line wich iskind of nerve racking. I would rather not get any of it at all. I think I will read this post to Pete...

the sabra said...

hehe funny cuz only after i wrote that title did i think of THAT pete. honestly the way that title came into being was kacha (get ready for my brilliant o so obvious reasoning)-i was thinkin of all these people and what i did for their sake and i thought of the phrase 'lshem shamayim' and thats 'for gds sake' and then the phrase 'for petes sake' popped into my head and i was rackin my brain tryin to figure out why we yidden even TALK about pete (what/who was he? a st or something?) and doing stuff for his sakek and that led me to question-where exactly does pete fit into all this??

ah as for knowing what these all mean, well ya stuff like this you can ask me, i dont care..which ones do u need help with? i know you know the mishulesh one hehe :D

Avi said...

Love the rationale. It just... makes sense!

I thought it was Pete like the Pan. Just as well; I didn't see how he fit in either.