Friday, September 22, 2006

"...when the needs of another proceed yours in prayer, G-d heeds your request first"

This Rosh Hashonah we all gonna be prayin for ourselves, for friends, for enemies (to die), for sabras (peace in the mid-east), for alchohol, for family and for guidance. Please can you say an extra tefillah, prayer (or perek of tehillim/chapter of psalms) that Asher Lemel Ben Ruchel has a refuah shleima, a complete recovery?

Thank you and may Hashem answer all of our bakashos.

הפתרון היחיד? משיח בן דוד! י


Avi said...

For alcohol? Really?
Oh you mean not "Sheva aheva sheva" or lemon-flavored Stopka. Gotcha.

the sabra said...
second paragraph

other posts inspired it as well

i think all from the same shaigitzle.