Thursday, September 28, 2006

two fabulously funny n too weird links

Click here to watch a video of Israelis easing tension by hurling pillows at each other. (BBC News)

Read here about a restaurant in Israel that serves only atmosphere, and no food. "Customers can choose anything they want from the most exhaustive menu which includes everything from fried octopus to chocolate rolls in cranberry sauce - but all you will get is an empty plate." (Reuters)

I found both links on this blog


Pragmatician said...

Have they gone nuts?
I give it another week before it closes!

Dovid said...

You know, maybe we should send Moore to that restaurant? He could use a place like that.

kasamba said...

I bet the emperor goes to that restarauntin his new clothes!

hametukaaa said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! that is the funniest thing ever!!! pillow fight. I miss those....

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...


I really miss Israel, and wish I could come back soon.

Good shabbos.

Have an easy fast.

elisheva said...

Chava, i want to comment on the "no hope for winepickers" post but there is no link, so il say what i have to on this post. I just hope im not disturbing all your holy blogging rules, forgive me if i am?

I LIKE WINE. Why is there no hope? I like to drink wine, but even more i am interested in the proccess and so i do hope the business is booming. My taste has way improved since we were roomates, if you are somewhat of a wine nut yourself, let me know and we will discuss.

the sabra said...

hey eli beli,
(no ref intended to the body part)
typically that would be a breakin of my blog rule, but tis ok cuz u totally missed the point of the post and theres nothin offensive in ur comment so its bseder..

anyhow no im not a wine nut (the one area in my life where im not a nut?), and i rarely drink it...shoko-now thats somethin else!

(hmm wine nuts..wonder what they look like..what blessin u say on em?..what season do they grow in?)

Anonymous said...

And Jackie Mason thought that he had the jewish entrepreneur figured out.

remchalamo said...

that's it i'm gonna go check out this place! at least it doesn't need hashgacha!
i could order lobster and still stay a good jew!!

Avi said...

So, ye, Israeli aggression > I watched this four-part Kahane/Dershowitz debate over the last couple of days. Very interesting. Stamish.

My uncle told me about the Ambiance Restaurant in Boston maybe 6 years ago, I been talking about it ever since. No one believes me.

Kasamba (Gosh, why couldn'y I have gotten here like last century?): HAHAHA! That's great.

Sabra: Shoko b'sakit? I kinda liked those aktchilly. Ewww, it comes with plain lachmaniyot and mivtzoyim on the Midrechov. Hmmm... mivtzoyim on the midrechov! I kinda liked that aktchilly... And in Egged HQ Galil. That was nice. Ewwww, that's near the Belems stop! The bus to Jerusalem.... Hmmmm I kinda liked Jerusalem actchilly... Hmmmm....

Remchalamo (see previous timing lamentation): I had the identical reaction. Then I thought about the letter vs. the spirit of the law and decided it's treif.