Monday, September 25, 2006

More 'QUEEN OF THE HUDSON' Headlines

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* Mr. Paul T. Rack Declares Bankruptcy And is Forced to Close Matchmaking Business *

* Residents of Crown Heights Breathe a Sigh of Relief after Being Spared the Poughkeepsie Treatment *

* Zach Guard Goes Behind Peoples Back and Denies It *

* The Shpy Attacks The Sabra *

* Bochurim List Now Required Reading Material For All Chassidishe Maidels *

*Nudniks Arrested for Possessing False ID *


Paul T. said...

Indeed, I wasn't too good at it....

the sabra said...

(err not to laugh at someone elses misfortune so soon after rosh hashona but...)

ahem we can now resume our regular programming (posts that noone but the sabra understands).

The Zach Guard said...

As the story goes on however, it took was but a few minutes for the people of Poughkeepsie to realize that The Sabra had it all wrong, all the zach guard needed was a little bit of crowd mingling and a spell binding demonstration of his powerful yet entrancing voice and the people were hooked on zach, so much in fact that when it was time for the zach to leave town the people thanked him again and again for visiting their humble little community and were thrilled to hear that he would be returning in a little under two weeks, needless to say they are eagerly awaiting the return of the Z.

the sabra said...

The Sabra chalila nudges the Zach Guard awake and gently informs him that it's time for Shacharis and he should leave his dreams for another time. (israel time, california time, lo mishaneh...)

mom said...