Wednesday, September 20, 2006

.....memories..... (i promise) ....memories....

coffee shop in amona
cooking and cleaning for shabbos
cozy fireplace
crazy amounta kids runnin around (i think it was 100)
coffee every mornin, fresh
conversation in gavna
constant back massages
catering to guests
costly jewelry (gush bracelets)
chevron renting
caravan living

the jector or the jectee? who has it worse?


Anonymous said...

See this entire post I fully understand! ich farshteist alles, yalla!

But gavna was supposed to make up for the non existant amona coffee shop...

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Just stopping buy to wish you a Shana Tova, a good year, and a year of peace for Israel.

Pragmatician said...

what an incoherent line of thought, cofee is quite a central theme though.

wandering said...

hard to tell which is worse... They both make me sad :(.

Dovid said...

You know, lately your posts have become more and more cryptic, and I am about to give up fro good. Unless, of course, you start explaining...

the sabra said...

huh? amona doesnt have a coffee shop? so what'd we do there for ___ hours?

amen! why thank you. you have no idea how touched i am. a complete and total stranger (are there strangers? or only friends waitin to be met?) comes to wish me a shana tovah. gd bless you!

totally coherent, i dunno what ur on about. and coffee is not the central theme.


ive written these for a ben chamesh l'mikrah. and hey i never knew u still read this thing. sababa.

Anonymous said...

I had a very very weird amazing dream last night like woah!

uhhh the coffee shop is in old mesuat yitzchak, I mean of course a coffee shop in amona would totaly kick butt!

kasamba said...

Have a gut gebensht yur!!!!

the sabra said...

um why dont u ask jameel what he thinks?

a groisen dank! amen! moshiach zul shein kummen oon nemen oonz arois fun golus shoin!

Anonymous said...

I aint asking jameel nada! But your "chevron ima" makes a killer chocolate cake.

the sabra said...

i know!! i got the recipe and whatta chavaya that was-20 minutes we spent tryin to make sure i understood correctly how to slice em hehe.