Thursday, September 14, 2006

It really stunk on the bus...

So I'm sitting on the bus and suddenly an overwhelmingly powerful stench threatens to choke me. (don't know where it came from but I did have my guesses.) I'm trying to distract myself so I look around. My glance falls upon a black teenager. I let my imagination wander so I can be occupied with something other than the horrendous odor. I think of the blacks of long ago. I think of how horribly they were treated. Mistreated, really. I think of how they were beaten into being slaves. I think of how they were transported on ships and how they were all thrown together, chained one to another, lumped and clumped one on top of another. Not able to move and more importantly, not able to breathe fresh air. Limbs intertwined with yours, and faces stuck in yours. Nowhere to turn, nowhere to look. Think stuffy, think hot, think sweaty. Think smelly.

Gulp. Quick think of something else.

Um eh the history of something else..the amerikaim? What immediately comes to mind are the natives, the Indians. Ah the word 'Indian' conjures up images of throngs of sandal and sari clad Indians and Pakistanis that filled the streets of Chicago durin my short stay there (ahh, you wonder, what makes me so sure that there were only Indies and Pakies when I was there? well I'm not..but that's all I care about at the moment). And most strong, is the memory of the spices. Their sweet smellin incenses were anythin but sweet. Twas plain ich. Like pinch your nose closed until um you manage to buy noseplugs...

The elderly woman sittin near me accidentally jabs my hip. Well I'm givin her the benefit of the doubt that twas accidentally though she had thrown some disapprovin glances my way earlier on in the ride...due perhaps to the obnoxiously loud music comin from my ipod. nu nu. Hmm she looks a bit like this other savta that I 'savta sat' for a coupla weeks ago. Woah that deserves a story of its own. (don't we all..?) b'kitzur, one of the exciting parts of this one night episode was takin her to the sheirutim. You see, she's r'l wheelchair bound ever since an operation from a few months ago failed and left her leg um unusable. Anyhow this bathroom tiyul occurred every hour and a half. If I was lucky, every hour and fifty minutes. And in keepin with laws of tznius I shan't go into detail except to say one thing-the smell wasn't pleasant. No siree. But wait, why am I thinking of smells again?? I'm nauseous as it is...

I try openin the window but its not openable. I see the construction workers outside. I've always been entranced by construction. I can sit (or stand!) for hours and just watch their progress. Watch somethin from nothin. ahh construction workers-the sweat, the moving, the shouting, the noise and gosh, the heat. The sweat and the heat. The constant sweat. Woah bad idea, I'm supposed to be thinkin of something OTHER than foul smells....

I look down at the directions in my hand.
Scribbled on the back of a diaper coupon.

I drummed my fingers on the arm rest.
I suddenly found it dangerously close to some treifishe french fries and ketchup.

I give up.
I absolutely give up.
Good thing cuz my stop is here.

And as these thoughts ran through my head, some positive ones did too. Some life learnin ones. (makin the Besht proud, eh?) I thought of how this can be applied to my life in so many ways. What really struck me was how this was a perfect example of Hashem must be a total part of your life-permeated into every fiber of your being and existent in every nanosecond of your day.

There aint no escapin Him-ein od milvado!


timothy said...

0 x 0=0 for a reason. But there's always one, isn't there.
How do you feel about this post today. Stam curious. Pisher-hater... :-p

the sabra said...

hey leave the aggression outta ur tone, will ya?
thanks mate
and i was just talkin bout this post a bit ago.
well, posts like this bichlal.
yknow life learning ones.

how do i feel about it now?
well i do remember the (near) helplessness of it all but i also remember the joy and appreciation and near exhilaration at bein so close to israel.

thanks for askin.