Sunday, September 10, 2006

i really dont care that they all stared

i dont care that they all stared, the women and the men-
so i was sittin on the floor.
i dont understand why they stared, the kids and the contstruction workers-
they too sit on the floor.
i dont know how they stared, the businessmen and the blabbering girls-
i was sittin on the floor.
i dont really care that they all stared, the indians and the english-
so i was sittin on the floor.
i dont really understand why they stared, the teens and the troubled
they too sit on the floor.
i dont really know how they stared, the mothers and the merchants
i was sittin on the floor.

i really dont care that they all stared at me sittin on the floor


Nemo said...

It's not Chassidish to stare at girls.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

To me, staring, in a certain context can be a verbal form of lashon hara.

BTW: we had a wonderful time in Israel, and I hope to retire there one day.

kasamba said...

Staring is soooo rude!

Anonymous said...

you obviously did care, otherwise you wouldnt have mentioned it

the sabra said...

its even less chassidish to stare at sabras!

barbara from cali:
thats interesting that you think that. i dont think that staring is a bad thing necessarily. i mean in the sense of it being lashon hora (mabat hora?). i dunno. cool idea though.
o and im so happy that you had a good time..make that 'one day' today!! ( will help ya out with everything)

like i said to barbara, i dont really think so. i guess it depends on the situation. hey I stare all the time hehe

bichlal lo. i just thought it fascinating how nearly EVERY single person passing stared. and i just stared right back lol. it doesnt bother me. i do the same to people. THAT should bother me...

Anonymous said...

ppl who stare got nuthing better to do than gossip. i wish i could simply hurle myself before the starer and flaunt myself and say, hey this is me and this is what im wearing/doing... check me out, cummon, dont be shy..

the sabra said...

i stare cuz im intrigued, not cuz im finding fault

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I don't like being stared at one bit.

m said...

i love staring at other people its free entertainment. whenever im bored i just go on the subway and stare at people...its better than any movie ive ever seen

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

I love being stared at, cuz then I get to stare back

remchalamo said...

rishon) They were staring at you cuz you're so yafe
Sheini) i agree with m staring is fun, i also go on trains sometimes just to stare at people and try to figure out thier lives... it's nice ot know i'm not the only one

wandering said...

Ah yes that is why sunglasses are such a beautiful invention. You can do all the staring you want and noone ever has to know... ;)

Nemo said...

Only with the big windshield ones though.

mom said...

hi , i know this has nothing to do with what you wrote, but i just wanted to share this happy moment withyou, and because i dont have my own blog and you are my daughter , so figured i can share your space, enough of hakdomo
i had a feeling the cleaning lady took it, i thought she threw it out , but why would she do that??? what does she care if i finish it first... i asked her about it , i pointed to the spot where it was and i said where is the book that was here, she shrugs shoulders..mumbles 'livre '(book-spanish) and shrugs... so me chochom that i am decided today to look by the books ( in the playroom) but to no avail, never mind the shelves are such a mess and im wishing someone would come and clean it up, so then im thinking , knowing that the cleaning lady is a kleina chochom , where oh where would she put it? oh probably between all the toys like where she dumps everything else And lo and behold.... ya , okay thats it. if you need to know why the sudoku book is so imp. to me that is for another time. im on donated space right now.

Anonymous said...

yeh i supppose its fun to stare but being on the recieving end makes u feel so self concous... otherwise a complement cuz i only stare at pretty people, otherwaise whats the entertainment ;)

FrumGirl said...

Everyone plops on the floor in Israel... weird that they stared but its their issue lol

Scraps said...

Why were you sitting?

the sabra said...

k so hang a sign around ur neck and ill know who u are and i wont stare at you

ya, thats what im talkin about!

you can stare even if they dont stare at you. be the pioneer!

sheini) see, ur so normal, so typical

wandering & nemo:
have we not just established that sunglasses are not necessary??

the sabra said...

uh ya.
i charge for space, yknow.
staaaaaaaaaaam. i would never say that to my mother! hehe cant wait to hear why the sudoku book was so important..maybe cuz ur so bored these days..?

only pretty people are entertaining? l'hefech! and you can learn so many life lessons by observing the people around you.

true that. but i wasnt in israel ;)

cuz my feet hurt and i wanted to eat my peanut butter sandwich and juice and i had no place to do it so i found a quiet little corner where i THOUGHT noone would pass by. ahem.

o and interestin that u the only one that asked that...

mom said...

guess who is coming to town?????

revelation said...

everyone stares
who cares

Scraps said...

That's a good reason to sit. I've sat for the same sort of reason sometimes.

mel said...

forget about wat anyone says, my mel can sit were she pleases :)
yeah, u lex!! ;-)

the sabra said...

uncle moishy?

yea! thats my girl! (welcome to my blog..i think im supposed to know you..which roomie are you? gimme initials..)

like pizza and shoko? or hamburger and coke? ;)

gosh thanks for the permission, melly. (no were not talkin about ur brother..)

revelation said...

hi! you know me...too well roomates in israel:)

the sabra said...

o yay :) i thought it was you!

(ahem do you know that i got 'yay' from you?!)

jemima3 said...

I sometimes like to stare but since I think staring is rude, I call what I do 'people watching'. BTW I only stare at interesting people.

the sabra said...

call it what you want, end of the story is the same-ur eyes upon another for an extended amount of time.

EVERYONE is interesting! boring people fascinate me by their boringness.

Jez said...

Lovely poem.

the sabra said...

lovely? er thanks
poem? er yeah

glad you liked..the music is bein composed as i type this..

Avi said...

I stare, you stare,
I found the number book.
Lying in a toy-box;
in the basement; in a nook.

Sitting on the floor still,
and the neighbors don't know why.
Mommy has her numbers
so there's no reason to cry!

STOP your staring, START your staring,
PLEASE continue telling,
just ignore the simple fact that momma's heart is yelling...
As long as sitting on the floor, you didn't stub your toe.

Priorities people. Priorities!