Monday, September 04, 2006

ein lachem ma la'asot?

Some things I would like you to check out
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Michal Designs:
If you need a graphic designer (or if you don't), Michal is the bestest. She does any print job you need including (but not limited to!) flyers, brochures, postcards, invitations, logos etc..
She also offers translating services-from hebrew or italian to english.

Don't Tell Me to Cheer Up:
Ahh this is so refreshing to see that someone else feels like me on this topic.

"Cheer up" implies that I have no reason for feeling bad. Let's face it: the chances are that I'm not sad for the sheer fun of it. Something is obviously troubling me, causing me to be melancholy. Telling me to cheer up is effectively denying me the right to feel upset about it. Imagine the burden I now carry: I not only have a worrying problem, I'm not even allowed to feel bad about it!

Do a Mitzvah for Chaya Mushka Holzkenner:
I got an email today, requesting to...

"...Please take on a special mitzvah in honor of chaya mushka holzkenner (she is a newborn twin with a chromosome condition, on a special mission in the world.)

The Amateur:
Read this poem a few days ago..really liked it..

I saw a man today was down on a knee.
He wasn’t praying, nor was it blasphemy.
I wondered maybe he was a little cuckoo –
His fingers were tying the lace of his shoe.


Amishav said...

Does that poem mean that everyone who doesn't wear slip ons is mesuggah?

the sabra said...

ehh ur jokin, right? OBVIOUSLY THATS THE POINT OF THE WHOLE POEM!! slip ons vs lace ups!

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Hope you're getting paid for advertising and publicity.

So Sbra'le what wrong? ;) I loved the Cheer up article, thanks for posting it.

Lvnsm27 said...

That is so true about the cheer up thing. We should acknowledge how they feel. That is more supportive. And then wish them well.

pint-sized said...

I agree, 'cheer up' is JUST annoying! I think we should put into action a new phrase instead, maybe 'enjoy being miserable' or 'G-d, you look awful! But that's the way you should be, so STAY LIKE THAT!!'
By tellin people not to help you cheer up, you are effectively telling them that their happiness is the problem. Don't be such a grumpy teenager and EMBRACE other people's happines!!!(SMILE)

Pragmatician said...

Great link, now I wish I owned a business online, just for the free publicity.
Oh and cheer up, too good!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Good stuff to know thanks.

Scraps said...

I completely agree on the "cheer up" thing. It's like--do you think I like being depressed?! Hellooooo. So now, not only do I feel awful, but I feel worse because I don't have a right be feeling bad in the first place. Sheesh.

kasamba said...

Right now I am wallowing in the delighful state of being uncheererupable.
Thanks for the permission.

jakeyology said...

you heard about the guy with two left feet? he wore flip-flips.

but really, the universe r-evolves around tying one's shoe.

i'm glad u liked the poem enough to post it on your blog :)

Michal said...

Yeah! Let's get the orders going... Anyone here need any graphic design work?

the sabra said...

chasidishe shaigitz:
noone pays me for nuttin around here. and cut out the 'le'. i am noones sabrale. and nothings wrong, chutz m'hagalut of course. happy you liked the article, hope u read the whole thing.


ya i hate when people just knock down ur feelings.

err not quite.
its kinda like how i despise when ppl ask 'how are you' and then run away without hearin the answer. i like when ppl are and are interested in cheering me up. IF THEY CARE FOR ME! not so they could go home and feel all satisfied that they did their part in tikun olam by tellin a stranger to smile. o cmon! if you dont want me to be miserable, well then help me out. its o so easy to tell someone to 'cheer up'...its not so easy to help em do that.

hey not everyone gets their stuff advertised here, im no frier! but ya open a business..take the chance..but theres no guarantee mister...especially if you gonna be all pragmaticccc about it (gulp)

o and ya, good article..

b'simcha. the bill is in the mail..

the sabra said...

exactly! ahh you should hear what rick lavoie has to say on this, you would like him. (and can we please get pint-sized to understand? maybe we should start a 'The Point Is Not To Be Miserable, Buster, It's To Allow Valid Feelings Club')

hey with pleasure. listen, if I was in the UK i would also be feelin utterly uncheerupable!
(eh on second that, i AM in the uk..uh..)

ya its my favorite topic. appreciate it when other ppl are aware as well.
and flip flip isnt nice.

..and im not even gonna charge commission!

the sabra said...

o you must check this out, folks-

Scraps said...

It's hard for me to accept my feelings as valid, as they've been invalidated so often and by so many that it's become second nature to me to discount them. It really, really sucks. I'm always second-guessing myself.

the sabra said...

ach thats no good. dont listen to anyone else (except for me hehe). its good that you realize its a problem, scraps. shucks it makes me so mad when people just go and ruin the life of another human. arghhhh.
yo good luck being urself and feeling what you wanna feel (except for depression. thats NEVER allowed!), and if you ever doubt urself, come on over here (or email! seriously!) and ill lend ya some poker chips.

(poker chips, in short, are self esteem points)

Scraps said...

I'll order a dozen. Maybe two.

Avi said...

Michal designs good. Very good. Not like Pablo, but very good.

Yossi Ives wrote good. Very good. A little odd tone, but very good.