Sunday, August 13, 2006

what i'm thinkin right now

#1 Drumming is self control. Otherwise you're just making noise.

#2 Most magavnikim don't wanna talk about Gush Katif/Amona. Can't decide what is more infuriating-when they are embarrassed or when they are proud. When they are proud.

#3 There is no hope-boys are stupid and we must throw rocks at them.

#4 Too many people are dying, too many worlds are being destroyed.

#5 Giving credit when and where it is due may be a difficult thing to do but it will permeate you with an incredibly GOOD feeling!

#6 Dibbur is too limiting, even for the sabra.

#7 Watermelon and chicken nuggets make a surprisingly yummy snack.

#8 Being a chossid is hard. But it might even be harder to not be one. I dunno.

#9 Babies are not innocent by choice, rather by chance.

#10 My back really hurts from when I fell off that swinging bench Friday night.

#11 Where is Ita?

#12 Does my bitachon acquaintance/admirer not wanna get together with me anymore? And is she gonna get upset if I don't visit her in Ramle?

#13 My nose is stuffed and it bothers me and peoples lives are being snuffed out and I sometimes forget.

#14 Complicating does not necessarily equal unhealthy.

#15 I should really buy them more of the 'healthy' peanut butter chocolate spread.

#16 Hashem has to bring moshiach. now. like right now.


remchalamo said... number thirteen by any chance our friend who volunteers for the police dept.? what was her name again?.... o yeah

Nemo said...

"#3 There is no hope-boys are stupid and we must throw rocks at them."

'scuse me????

Chatan said...

am i still a boy, or now that im a chatan im a something else?
(shalom from the kallah)

wandering said...

cool... I guess great minds think alike cuz a couple of those things were on my mind too- I ALSO have a stuffed nose right now... and I TOO am trying to find Ita... but hey I guess that is no novelty isnt everyone always looking for Ita? and of course I too don't wanna hear about more ppl dying- Moshiach is definitely overdue.

the sabra said...

u mean twelve motek and no its not her.

um what part are you aghast about?

once a boy always a boy. but you are yotze min haklal. i like you.

stop tryin to pretend you are great. you are not. only i am. and ita is with me right now so ha. my greatness overpowers yours. of course.

ellie said...

Oh Great One,
Oh Famed One,
Oh literate One,
do they really call a hotdog in blanket a "Moshe B'teva" in Hebrew??

Amishav said...

#3 ????

Can't the Satmar and Lubavitch throw rocks at each other? It's hard enough meeting women already.

the sabra said...

no idea. no no idea.

will give you until next time i go online to explain ur comment..otherwise Samal Delete will do his thing

me2 thinking said...

some things what im thinking ,do you care?...
aleph - what will make my daughter feel more obligated to comehome and help?
bet -will i ever get a new "over the sink dish rack?"
gimmel - you are actually right about boys being stupid but its only some and we must not throw rocks
daled - im so grateful borch hashem for my daughter, she is be'emes a goodkid,i can go on and on 'bout her mayles but i dont want anyone to think this is a shidduch advertisment.....
but ya sheis good.
hey - how can i eat all the nash i wnat and not get fatter?? no fair
and of course i thinking of more things , but this is not my blog and nobody really cares, so i will end off now
oh one more thing ya we DEFINETLY need moshiach NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no nemo , not you ,you are the exception....

shaina matel said...

hey wat about lex? ;) throw rocks at him too?

Nemo said...

They say that I'm exceptional.

Greg said...

Concerning #8, offhand, it would seem not being a chasid would be easier...than again...

the sabra said...

my phone is bh alive and kicking. and you know the number. love ya mum. (no time to respond to all ur chochmas)

eh this is MY blog and if i say that boys are stupid and if nemo is a boy...

stam stam

shanya mattel:
i cant belive you are reading this!! hehe! and of course we dont throw rocks at lex..we throw rugelach!

uh could be. (is exceptional always a bad thing or can it be something positive as well?)

when you have a real strong focus and goal, obstacles become stepping stones.

distractions are not an issue.
problems slide away.

and more..but its late..

Avi said...

1) Tzimtzum is the highest form of hashpa'ah. I wonder if Chassidus agrees... OMGGGGGGGG It's Sunday night! The Rosh Kollel didn't call! Why didn't you remind me? (Don't answer that)

About this tzimtzum:hashpa'ah, I have much to say and many proofs to bring.

3) F'sure f'sure.

5) OH ye!

6) This I know Chassidus concurs. The RK told me last week. :)

8) B. Maybe not very, but I'm entitled to speak on the subject.

16)Sabra did so well capitalizing sentences... why ruin it now? right now?

2, 4, 9, 14, 16: 6

the sabra said...

1. lo heivanti et hakesher.
3. don't need ur confirmation nor your approval.
5. :)
6. yay. me and the rk are teachin u chassidus. waitta sec! u should believe and accept what HE says based on the assurance that u read it HERE. humph!
8. lo heivanti, u think its harder not to? and yo, im notta bochur but im a chossid ;)
16. cuz i write how i feel.

2, 4, 9, 14, 16: 6. your #5

the sabra said...

and avi, how come you didn't comment on my mum's?

Avi said...

I don't necessarily get what you mean by "drumming is self-control," but it reminded me of the fact that those who need to express E/T in order to express A/T are generally less talented than those...others...who...don't need that.

In drumming in particular, when you see a drummer or percussionist or at LEAST someone musical tapping rythmically on a table, you'll invariably see him joined by someone banging loudly away.

In every single area in life it's evident: Amateur graphic artists need to make lotsa color and tons of effects to make a "masterpiece." Masters make a black box, add a white dot, and behold... a masterpiece.
Amateur writer's just go on and on and on to make a simple, stupid, unimportant, dumb point and they go on and on and on and they use gargantuan words that are really just big, and they go on and on without stopping and in addition, at the same time, parallel to their obsession with going on and on they'll also use so many different adjectives that mean the same thing and are identical. In the end, those words are just extra; superflous; redundant; unneeded.
In conlusion and to end: Less is more.

Re: the RK and U, Seriously? No, Seriousssly??? He's the ROSH KOLLEL!!! Who the heck are YOU?
Last week we learned the inherent holiness of shabbos (Shabbos Kodesh) vs. the acquired holiness of YT (MIKRA'EI Kodesh). Pretty funky.

8) It is tough to be a chossid, I believe, but so much tougher to not be. I think it's like an athiest vs. believer: believing gives so many responsibilities, but really just so many opportunities. Opportunities that make you work, suck. Welcome to life!
On a personal note I'm home for Pesach and walking to shul/shopping/driving/eating in restaurant E/TTTTTTT makes me say she'lo asani misnagid! omGGGGG couldn't have it any other way. So ye it's way hard but WHOOOAAAA to the ninety-oneth power times six, worth it!

And I didn't comment on ur mum's cuz I'm scared of her. Terrified. Petrified. (Oy, with the synonyms. when will they learn?) But seriously, u mean the post above this one? lemme check...

the sabra said...

no i meant her comment here. and yea, u have good reason to fear her.

self control..yea u got it..i think..i happened cuz i asked someone to teach me darbuka and i was told that 'drumming is all about self control. otherwise ur just banging away'. i loved it cuz i didn't get it at first then i realized the truth. but in all areas of life.

and re your aghastation that i placed the HOLY (no sarcasm whatsoever o'er here) rk and i in the same sentence (woops did it again)-there's no need to be. aghast, that is. we are both jews that are trying to demessify ur brain.
somethin like that :)
(big charming smile to take away any negativity that may have been implied)
no but seriously...

and yes obviously i agree w/ the chossid bit. had a whole argument/discussion bout it w/ greg my my, ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu