Wednesday, August 09, 2006

two text messages i just got

#1- "My neighbor was just killed in Lebanon! May all the Arabs die!! I saw how they came to let his family know."

#2- "I got wounded in the eye, in Lebanon. But, thank G-d I'm fine, more or less."

(translated from hebrew)


Chevee said...

Great blog! Thanks for the enlightenment (for lack of better word). Enjoy the rest of your trip! Moshiach now! -Chev

Anonymous said...

and this happens b'aretz while two of our fellow young womens lives are shattered right here inour idst - no shooting or bombongs but god simply ecided they dont need thier dads so we gotts just stay strong around the globe

anonym00kie said...


the sabra said...

ye :( and like my host here says "if we knew that israel would finish the job, then lifachot their deaths would not be in vain..." :( :( :(

stay strong and add in goodness. and actually, considering sh'ani b'aretz, these wounds and deaths ARE in my midst. a good friend just told me that two of her brothers are now serving in lebanon. an old friend of mine was just called up to miluim. my taxi driver is gointhe next day. heck this entire country is being called up!

we need the geula

walla, happy you like. just make sure you practice the 'ch' sound. chhhhhag sameach and of course moshiach now!

Anonymous said...

ki ani yodeah hamachshavot... just happens to be my favourite song. id love to know it's meaning??? (not literal but in context,)

anonym00kie said...

i do hope israel finishes the job so we can avoid any more casualties in the long term, but i dont think we can say these deaths are in vain, they died as jews defending jews..g-d takes away poeple, not politics, even if the politicians are mistaken i refuse to grant anyone (but G-d) that much power over who lives and who dies.

Nemo said...

Her point was that if Israel doesn't complete the mission, i.e. by pulling out early, all of the deaths in the war will only be for provisional security since Hezbollah can and will re-arm itself.

anonym00kie said...

nemo, i hear
i think i misunderstood the comment, youre not the first one to tell me..

Yossi's blog said...

Keep posting from israel.....i wish icould be there now. Mmy heart was stolen while i slept" it now resides in G-D's city of gold and fire.

Greg said...

yossi: you ok there bud!?

al tishali oti: can I ask you though:)~ I like the song you refer to for your blog name and I've seen Idan Reichel's "project" being performed in person with my wife.

As for the topic though, I think you make a good pt. While some people will remain angry about their losses others will accept them and learn to live with them. I don't blame those who've lost loved ones for wanting to avenge their deaths though.

the sabra said...

i have no idea what you are talking about. sorry. please explain. todah neshama.

anonymookie and nemo:
its difficult for me to explain what i meant to say but nemo was pretty close.
chas v'sholom to lessen their mesiras nefesh in any way. these soldiers (and every resident of eretz hakodesh) have my utmost respect, concern and admiration. (and not only the ones serving lebanon now)

every person dying now makes my blood boil and my choked heart weep. it makes me sad and angry and helpless. all because of this stupid golus!! now, hashem has decided that there will be bad (well, revealed good actually) in this world so long as we are in galut. fine. but dai kvar! dont make it worse! why are yidden allowing their brothers to be killed? why are jews sending jews to certain death-if you aint gonna follow shulchan aruch why you askin gd to help you? (thief whisperin 'help me hashem' while he carries out a burglary)
if israel would stop being frierim (pushovers)and start folling halacha, well the families of the killed (NOT fallen!) soldiers can be comforted knowing that their son/brother/father/cousin/uncle died so that the rest of am yisrael can live in peace. of course its always gonna hurt but l'fachot their deaths brought something positive in their wake.

takshivu, its very hard for me to say what i wanted to...and theres like 10 diff ideas in what i just wrote. but ya, youll just have to manage..sorry..

yossis blog:
b'ezrat hashem ill be postin here forever..just bring moshiach! (are you quoting r' yehuda halevi?)

in ref to ur comment to our pal yossi-i think he was quoting a famour jewish poet. but i can be totally wrong. and anyhow i understand him completely!

as for idan raichel-aizeh kef lecha...i too wanna go to his concert..tis on the infamous 'to do' list..

and finally, the point of this post-i AM angry with each death but in order for it be 'worth it' you cant just accept the tragedy, you gotta use it as a catalyst, as a stepping stone, for something so much greater.

Avi said...

Your first comment to M00ks... Even more depressing all this time later. Then, we imagined but we hoped against hope. Now we know...

the sabra said...

...that moshiach is so much closer?

so what's depressin bout that?

the sabra said...


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