Friday, August 18, 2006

READ THESE NOW (please?)

My goosebumped body and soul strongly suggest that you read these two pieces of writing.

One is by Mimi and she writes-
"People love asking the question. It's as if Chabad is perfect, but they have the pin, the fine point that's going to pop every Lubavitcher into smithereens. There's always a chin-up ego type of stance in the person asking the question. They're thinking, "yea, how's he gonna answer THIS one?"Why didn't the Rebbe ever go to Israel?". (full post)

And the second I just got by email from Arutz Sheva. They write-
"Two soldiers wounded in Lebanon say they have nothing to complain about, they have no regrets that they were wounded protecting the country, and the media should stop concentrating on nonsense." (full article)


mom said...

ya , when i read the one from arutz sheva i was thinking of sending it to you.

the sabra said...

o yay you still readin these things :)

Lakewood Venter said...

Interesting juxtaposition of those two pieces of writing!

the sabra said...

um thank you sir but that was done entirely without intention.

(what seemed interestin to you?)