Saturday, August 26, 2006

לכל יהודי מגיע כבוד


At the end of the hour bus ride from Rechovot to Yerushalayim, the woman sittin near the step I was squished on turned to me with a knowing look on her face, "You're chabad, aren't you?". Surprised and infintely pleased, I answered that yes I am and then I inquired how she had known.

Her: By what you said to that soldier in the beginning of the ride. From that one sentence it was obvious.
Me: What'd I say?
Her: Don't you remember?


Soldier: Slicha, can I ask you where you got that kisui for your diskette from?
Me: Betach. A chayal gave it to me.
Soldier: He did? Walla!
Me: Why are you so surprised?
Soldier: Stam, zeh kavod-Lavi. (sabra note: Golani zeh kavod aval lo mishaneh)
Me: Az mah? Magiah li kavod.
Soldier: Ken? Lama?
Me: Mah lama? Lama lo!? L'kol yehudi magiah kavod!

Her: As soon as I heard you say that "L'kol yehudi magiah kavod" (Every Jew is deserving of respect/honor), I knew immediately that you were Chabad. Cuz that's what Chabad stands for- that's what they believe in. That's why they work so hard and travel the whole world. That's why they reach out to every Jew, in any way they can. That's why they have such pure faith and unbelievable chutzpah. Because they truly and honestly believe that each and every Jew, regardless of his religious, political or intellectual stance, deserves respect. Each one of us has a neshama, a part of Hashem and Chabad never forgets that.
You Chabdnikim really live 'L'kol Yehudi Magia Kavod'


Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

Kol Hakavod! Nice story, Way to go :)

Shavua tov

chanie said...

kol hakavod lach....vzeh hasibah sheani ohevet chabad....

Anonymous said...


the sabra said...

chasidishe shaigitz, chanie, anonymous:
yea we rock! baruch hashem :)

aliza said...

i love you chav; you're great.

the sabra said...

aww shucks you makin me blush, aliza. (honestly i have no idea how to and i wish i could learn. always thought it was kinda charmin to see s/o blushin)

Amishav said...

Riht on Sabra! I couldn't agree more and have felt that warmth from Chabad people both here in the states and in Israel.

the sabra said...

baruch hashem. ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu. may we always only have good things to say about our fellow jews.

chanie said...


mel said...

im so proud of u lex ;)

Chatan said...

is that a nice way of saying u miss me?

Lady-Light said...

We daven at Chabad. I have a Chabadnik friend (who has since made Aliyah) who says: 'don't call a Jew a chiloni; no Jews are chilonim, because all Jews have a spark of kedushah in them, even if they don't know it yet!
(btw,I guess you didn't get a chance to call my kids, right?)

Greg said...

sabra: haven't commented here for a while but I loved the story. When we lived in Ramat Aviv we used to visit the local Chabad. Now they're adding another story to the building and we're donating money to help. I'm nor religious per say, as you know, but I love Chabad for their warmth, honesty, and hospitality.

the sabra said...


thanks boobah but theres no reason to be. wasnt trying to be smart or 'good' just happened ;)

uh not quite (cry cry)

YES! i was just having a whole conversation with the guy from holyland bagels (yum!) about that. He says that when they say chilonim they mean that their day to day life is focused on devarim sh'heim chiloni..not that they view THEMSELVES as chiloni.

yes and the fact that they care for EVERY type of jew. the lubavitcher rebbe loved every jew with every fiber of his being. and treated all humans with the same respect. kol hakavod for helpin donate..yknow its a mega zechus for you every time a mitzvah will be done there (hey great, while u bloggin on shabbat, ur neshama will be scorin points from all the visitors to the chabad house hehe)

Avi said...

Beautiful; chills...

Ooops. My window's open.

the sabra said...

o cmon, grant me just ONE 'u are a terrific writer and im chalishin w/ jealousy at ur brilliance and wit and intelligence and i LOVE the way you write n think n act and the only reason i am sarcastic is because i am weak in the presence of such greatness'.

if you know what i mean.

o and thanks. i thought it was rather beautiful myself.

Avi said...

"beautiful" was directed at the story, but...
All the things you said, even the jealousy, and I never even hid it, and I was sarcastic cuz I actually got the chills and I also actually had my window open. And I figgered if I say about the window I'll detract from my actual reaction which was chills. For actual. But I said it anyway just because.

Actually not ALL the things you said.

the sabra said...

What a life.
To live in Eretz Yisroel...!