Sunday, August 20, 2006

9 yr old cousin: "Let's play a game"

sabra: "ok"

9 yr old cousin: "Bo nagid that we each won the lottery. Then we have to tell the other one how we would spend the money. Bseder?"

sabra: "Bseder!"

9 yr old cousin: "Mazel tov! I heard you won the lottery. (shakes hands seriously). So, what are you going to do with all the money?"

sabra : "Um I will give tons and tons to tzedakah, im yirtzeh hashem. (as much as I'm allowed without being called a shoteh). Then, bli neder, I'll give some to my siblings and to my parents. Then I would buy stuff that I want. And need. Then I would oh I dunno..what would you do?"

9 yr old cousin: "Give half to tzedaka and the rest I would use to hire the most best most expensive teacher for English that after two days I would speak English better than you."


Nemo said...

"... there are some things that money can't buy"

{even an education}

the sabra said...

...said the wise old man

Nemo said...

young and kicking

Pimplesoflife said...

very cute!

Scraps said...

Now that is what I call having your priorities straight. :-P

Pragmatician said...

hehe you see what's important to those little ones.

ps.Then, bli neder, I'll give some to my siblings and to my parents.

Givign to family is alos Tzedakkah, in fact family comes first.

Amishav said...

Thats cute-

There is an ad in the US for a credit card company where everything costs money except for the one thing that you can't buy that's priceless.

Your story made me think of that very clever ad campaign.

Maven said...


Dovid said...

That kid has a bright future, IY"H.

Anonymous said...

i miss u mel ;)

the sabra said...

Yay! All these old friends/bloggers that I haven't heard from in so long, came back. It must be the free ice coffee...

me? o thank you, i know i know

ya cuz she was bein all snotty bout the fact that her hebrew is better than mine so i argued that my english is better..and that kinda shooke her up i think hehe

bseder but maaser is maaser and that has to go to poor people or organizations..then ill give some to my wealthy american family :)

whats the one thing? i dont get it...(lets blame it on the muggy weather)

yeah yeah! thanks for your support ms maven and i think this is ur first time here, no? velcome velcome

see my answer to pimples...

i miss ya more melly

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

So cute.

"Why is it that G-ds gives us the best years of our lives when we are children and dont know any better?"

the sabra said...

ain li moosag. i guess that means uve stumped the sabra. yay for you.

the sabra said...

chassidishe shaigitz:
why is it the best years of our lives?
cuz we are innoccent and carefree and naive?
cuz we have so much time?
cuz we are not yet tainted by this world gone corrupt?
cuz children dont have the experience that their elders do?

why do you think it is wasted?
what should children know better?

(answer all these questions with a five paragraph summary and my next post will be a long one with no pictures hehe)

Chasidishe Shaigitz said...

"Why is it the best years of our lives?"

As you said:
"cuz we are innocent and carefree"
I'll skip naive for now, lots of times even adults are naive.

"Cuz we have so much time"
Ever notice how slow time travels when you are young.

"Cuz we are not yet tainted by this world gone corrupt"
Good point!

"Cuz children don’t have the experience that their elders do"
And nor do they have the responsibilities or the demands.

"Why do you think it is wasted?"
I never said it was wasted… Enjoy it while it lasts.

"What should children know better?"
Good q. I hope you can think of an answer.

E said...

Since when does you speak good english ? I spelling better den you!

Amishav c'mon everyone knows the mastercard commercials..

Chasidishe shaigetz that aint so.. Its just that we mess ourselfs up..

Was not rivka sent to yitzchak at 3 ? (even though she was married at 13 she still nontheless partook in the discusion etc.. and maintained she wanted to go with eliezer.. and a 3 year old offering him and his camels water)

Age is just a ilusion... One can be old in the body and young at heart..

I actually just learnt something about how a child untill bar / bas mitzva is ruled by his nefesh habihamos.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Very cute exchange.

Avi said...

I kinda looked for the exclamation point at the end of sabra: "Bseder!".
The cousin's game suggestion struck me as one you'd be more than enthusiastic to play.

Very cute exchange, of course.
I am in awe of blah blah jealous blah wit and wisdom...

the sabra said...