Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why I Am Not Afraid

A close friend told me the other day, "If only the Rebbe would be able to assure us that everything will be okay-then I would not be scared".

I answered, "The Rebbe told us many times* how Eretz Yisrael is the safest place. What more do you want??"

The response? "I want a personal promise; and until I get that I won't be satisfied"

This is my personal promise.

*The rebbe actually tells someone on the video-why do you want a blessing from a human when Hashem Himself blessed and promised us safety 3,000 years ago!

** I never tire from watching this video. I think I can safely say that I've viewed it more than 100 times during this past year alone. These holy words ring true from generation to generation, situation to situation.


anonym00kie said...

thanks for posting that..i can use all the inspiring and reassurance i can get..

the sabra said...

you watched the video? is it not mindboggling?

remchalamo said...

The Rebbe is telling us that it's even against halachah to think for one second that e"y is not the safest place!

kasamba said...

That is what I call a chizuk!

anonym00kie said...

i dont understand most of it, so i take your word for what hes saying, but its so easy to doubt so any bit helps

the sabra said...

doubting anything it says in the torah turns you into a kofer (i think. no?)

and thats what i call my rebbe! ;)

there are english subtitles. (i dont think it worked when viewing it as full screen)

doubt-safek-amalek-nooo good!

remchalamo said...

Yeah, uhu!
lol that's my favorite topic "kefirah"

todah said...


thank you x100.

i have family there, and you have no idea how reassured i feel now.

i'm linking this video to a friend that's thinking of canceling a trip to EY.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you for your posts and words of support on my blog...

I wish you a safe journey as well to Israel. For me, I know it is the right thing to do, and it will be our first time in the homeland.

May this crisis come to a speedy resolution!

twilight770 said...

The Rebbe also said that even speaking about land for peace puts every Jew around the world in danger. As we all know the situation today is a direct result of last summers evacuation of Gaza.

the sabra said...

yup. stupid government.

amen! (remember to see our land for what it really is..what its supposed to be...)

good. hope it helps.

im with bush on this one ;)

wandering said...

yay I made it on to your blog ;). You are right of course... Its just hard to feel that way