Sunday, July 02, 2006

the truth

"Is this your first summer working here?"

"No, its actually my third"

"Really? What makes you keep coming back to work, or shall I say, to volunteer here in this camp for special needs kids?"

"The truth? It's for selfish reasons"


"Yea, you see-I have a blast here. I just can't stay away"


chanie said...

LOL. That's cool, though.

the sabra said...

what part was funny?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Very nice you enjoy it, good for you.

kasamba said...

I wish everyone felt that way!

the sabra said...

socialworker & kasamba:
i was neither the questioner nor the questionee

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Okay didn't seem that way. Good for whoever it was then.

Nemo said...

Well, if it wasn't you... good for whoever it was!!

the sabra said...

socialworker & nemo:

Genendy said...

How fortunate!

pint-sized said...

hehe random...Where do you meet these people?

the sabra said...

yes. it makes me glad when people have their priorities in order.

mah pitom random?
(one i live with and the other i work with)

jim said...

Yeah, priorities in order, I am for that.

The comments are funny, lol.

the sabra said...

fail to see the humor

(why do i so rarely share the same reactions and emotions as other fellow breathers of the atmosphere??)

Pragmatician said...

what Chanie said!

remchalamo said...

Boruch hashem that camp has a counselor like that!

the sabra said...

(hey you ever been there?)
what i said!

baruch hashem the camp is filled with em!
each special neshama has a special neshama caring for them.

the sabra said...