Wednesday, July 05, 2006's been thirty days...

Dear Friend,

Today, Wednesday, the ninth day of Tammuz, marks thirty days since Reizi passed away. On her shloshim, we'd like to acknowledge, update, remind and thank all of you who have done something for her aliyas neshama.

At first, we were numb with shock and pain. The terrible and tragic turn of events did not let the mind think clearly. We felt helpless and hopeless. Then, when we started this project to Make Reizi Proud, we suddenly had the strength to carry on despite the horrible pain. Only because of the enormously positive response that we, baruch hashem, received to the email we sent out. Each and every hachlata tova that we were told about provided a measure of comfort and chizuk.

Whatever you have done, whether you have said one perek of tehillim in her zechus, taken upon yourself to have more kavanah during davening, helped sponsor the Tzivos Hashem project or began memorizing a few lines or few perakim of Tanya-know, that every single good deed has added a brilliant ray of light to both our personal foggy and dim world right now-that of Reizi's family and close friends-as well as to the world at large. The darkness that is being experienced now in this Golus can only be remedied with such acts of goodness and kindness.

Many tefillos and hachlatos were accepted in Reizi's zechus; here is the update of the 'three ways to help' that we originally wrote about.


1. Tzivos Hashem Project-The special project that will definitely make Reizi proud is a Moshiach contest. B'ezrat Hashem at the start of the upcoming school year, this Moshiach Contest will be put into action. Children all around the world will be participating and doing their part to hasten the coming of Moshiach.
(We do, however, need additional funds for the success of the project to be complete. Checks can be made out to 'Tzivos Hashem' or 'Esty Silberstein', and sent to:
Making Reizi Proud
c/o Esty Silberstein
599 Empire Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11213)

2. Tanya- Amazingly, with the help of Hashem and YOU, we have reached and even surpassed our original goal of having ten sets of Perakim Aleph though Yud of Tanya memorized. After those first ten sets, we now have tens and tens of other perakim being memorized in Reizis zechus.
A reminder-anyone who has taken upon themselves to memorize Tanya, you have one year to do it. In one years time, on Reizi's yahrtzeit, you will be expected to know your perek by heart, fluently. However, do not leave it for the last month or so, for as the Rebbe wrote in the Hayom Yom of Tes Sivan, it is our obligation to speak words of Torah as we walk in the streets. These holy words purify our air, and I doubt anyone will argue with me when I say that our air needs much purifying.

3. 2 Minutes 2 G-d- Baruch Hashem, we have nearly 200 people who are setting aside two minutes every night for the study of something holy, in Reizis zechus.

Many of you have committed yourselves to do your chosen hachlata until the shloshim. That is fine and good. But, if you do decide to continue, PLEASE do so! Whether it is the nightly learning or any other personal hachlata, we wish you much hatzlacha as it can only benefit you, your family and all of klal yisrael for you to carry on.

I know that Hashem is looking down at His precious children now and collecting all the ahavas yisroel that you have displayed and adding it to the huge scale that is balanced between good and evil. These good thoughts, prayers, actions and decisions will definitely tip the scale for the good.
And I know that we are certainly making Reizi proud.



A Mitzvah Project

לע''נ רייזל בת שמואל הכהן
(in memory of Reizel bas Shmuel HaKohen Rodal)


kasamba said...

I have learned shmiras Halashon in her zchuss for the past month.

May she be a maylitz yosher for her family and the whole of Klall Yisroel.

the sabra said...

Thank you Kasamba. Amen.